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Spring has officially gotten away from me this year...which has caused me to totally neglect my blog.
First things first, we have been LOVING spring so far! Finally being able to get outside after the long Wisconsin winter has been heavenly, and literally, such a breath of fresh air for us AND Gavin!!

Gavin has become SUPER OBSESSED with dirt...Which means
he easily goes through 3 outfits a day...

Harley loves being able to get his tan on again!

NOW, here's the crazy going on in our lives right now:

We are 90% sure we are going to be building our dream home late this summer! Which is SO exciting, but we've been SO busy getting our house ready to put on the market! We're also doing "For sale by OWNER"... which means we've been doing a lot of research into that too.

So here's just a taste of our last 2 months:

The numerous things that go along with building a house (finalizing house plans, revising bid prices, multiple meetings with the builder, setting up financing...)
Then all of the things we've had to tackle on our house, to get it in prime listing shape!...
Touching up paint
Finishing painting some trim white
DEEP CLEANING everywhere...
Touching up baseboards
Replacing old, abused door handles
Power washing our front porch concrete (literally looks brand new! Such an easy way to freshen up a porch!!!)
Cleaning all of our exterior window trim & fascia
Beautifying our yard (we seed it every spring so we have a nice, luscious yard! We love to go barefoot around here!)
Cleaning out landscaping 

And the list goes on.... it was seriously one heck of a To-Do list, but we are FINALLY done with it and as soon as we get our final price back from our builder... which hopefully will be within the next week... as long as it's still a go, we'll be ready to list our house ASAP!

I had to finally sit down, and take the time to blog and update as to why I have been MIA lately!

We have a super exciting next week ahead of us!

Can't wait to share all of our exciting news!!!! Plus, within these last couple months I've whipped up and perfected some of my own, new recipes! YAY! I'll be sure to share them with you soon! So stay tuned!

Here's hoping yall are having a relaxing, but productive Spring also!

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