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Welcome to the blog!

I'm Rachel!

Wife to Aaron.
Mom to 2 handsome boys.
Stay at home mama.
Passionate about health, happiness, naptime, DIY projects, and my morning coffee.

Barefoot in a wedding photo??? YES. That's how I roll.
Aaron is my wonderful, crazy, make-me-roll-my-eyes-at-him-daily, husband!

He's a Chiropractor and owns his own office, but I think he secretly wishes he had his own hunting show on the Outdoor Channel.
He's insanely passionate about hunting, but man is he the best Daddy and husband I could ask for!
We were married July 21, 2013 after 7 months of dating.
Yes you read that right.
It's true what they say,
When you know, you just know.

The first born: Gavin Daniel.
Born August 21, 2014.

The second born: Jaxon Cole.
Born December 3rd, 2016.

Harley the dog. 
Birthday is March 13th, 2012.
(Harley was my little pup before I even met Aaron... so he's technically my first baby!)

I started this blog with the intentions of sharing my journey through life as a new mom, trying to figure out this new chapter in life, while still enjoying my own passions outside of being "Mom".

I love God, family, friends, holidays, motorcycles, the outdoors, oceanside beaches, HGTV- mostly Fixer Upper, nap time, sunsets, country & oldies music, and my morning cup of coffee.

32 Random Facts About Me:

1.  My birthday is October 23rd.
2.  My family has more or less renamed me "Dodo".
3.  Everyone refers to me as Dodo because it's how my niece would say my name when she was learning to talk (thanks a lot Brynna!).
4.  My husband and I met and were married within 7 months.
5.  I planned our wedding in 7 weeks. 
6.  I will never drive a minivan (no offense to any minivan drivers- my sister has one..it's actually very swanky... we refer to it as the swagger wagon).
7.  I am easily sidetracked. Something I get from my mom.
8.  I HATE the cold. Yet I live in Wisconsin.
9.  My favorite place on Earth (thus far) is Atlantis in the Bahamas.
10. I used to be addicted to Starbucks. True story.
11. Back in the day I lived in Nashville, TN with my sister Sarah (if you've never been there, get there!)
12. I LOVE to organize. 
13. I love throwing old junk away...(especially if it's not mine...shhh don't tell my husband).
14. I'm 5'7".
15. I love to snowmobile.
16. I love to 4-wheel.
17. I love motorcycles. HARLEY DAVIDSON to be precise.
18. My dog is named Harley (you should now understand why).
19. I loved the show Sons of Anarchy.
20. I've been to Sturgis, SD for the motorcycle rally twice.
21. I'm a very healthy person, but it's painfully hard for me to turn down Oreos.
22. I'm a Christian.
23. I am the youngest in my family.
24. My favorite drink is Jack n' Coke.
25. I'm not a cat person (they pretty much freak me out).
26. I LOVED being pregnant.
27. I can't stand the sound of someone chewing with their mouth open (that was a habit my husband quickly dropped once we were married...).
28. There are few things I hate- that being said, I hate black olives.
29. I also hate Don Julio tequila (my stomach does a little flip every time I think of it).
30. I'm a perfectionist, which sometimes drives me crazy.
31. I can say the alphabet backwards.
32. I feel like a Breast Milk Queen.

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