DIY Scrabble Wall Tiles

DIY Scrabble wall tiles

Usually I drag these "how to" posts on and on... so I'll do my best to keep this short!
It really is a simple project- but it did take awhile (hand painting all of the letters took time, and resulted in a sore neck...)

1. Pick out your words.
I used these tiles in our playroom- so I wanted playroom related words. 
The list of possible options is really endless... especially when you could use different words for different rooms.

2. Get your "tiles".
I used a scrap piece of wood (some sort of pressed, smooth plywood) that I found hiding in a corner out in the back of my Dad's shed. It was a really light colored wood, so I knew I would be staining it. The board was about 12" wide & 72" long. With the help of my wonderful father, we ripped the board down, and sawed away until I had 11 "tiles"- each measuring exactly 6"x6". 
I sanded the tiles down- since it was a scrap piece of wood it needed some TLC before staining.

3. Stain tiles.
Depending on what sort of tiles you have, or what color you want- you may not need to do this step!
I chose to use my dark walnut stain- since our walls in the playroom are lighter, I wanted the tiles to contrast and stand out more. I sealed the stain with one coat of water based varnish.

4. Stencil Letters & Numbers.
There are lots of different ways to go about this step. I chose to cut out the letters with a specific font- using my Mom's "silhouette" cutter. Then, taking the letter cut-outs, I traced them using a fine point sharpie. The black ink hardly showed up on the dark wood, so it worked perfectly for my tiles.
Then it was time to paint.
I used white acrylic paint, and a small craft paint brush and got to work.
I ended up doing 3 coats of white paint for the letters.

DIY scrabble wall tiles

5. Decorate Your Wall!
DIY scrabble wall tiles
I used these command strips to hang them on the wall.
(they're like velcro and worked great!)

DIY scrabble wall tiles
I laid out all of my letters first to see how big I wanted it all to be once said & done.
Once I had it how I wanted, I made sure to measure the distance (which for me was 2 1/2") between each tile. 
Then it was time to get them on the wall!

DIY scrabble wall tiles


THAT much closer to finally having this playroom FINISHED!!!

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