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Burlap Birthday Banner!

So in my family we have a lot of birthday traditions.
One of my favorites was the "Birthday Banner" (besides the obvious...presents & cake).
Every year our Dad would make us a birthday banner that would say "Happy Birthday Rachel", and however old you were turning. But, to make it a little more special, he wouldn't make it until you went to bed on the night before you're birthday- so you wouldn't see it until the morning of your birthday when you woke up.

I always knew this was a fun tradition that I wanted to pass on to my own kids.
As crazy as it seems, the time has come!! 
Gavin's first birthday is coming up soon- so I decided to take the birthday banner tradition, 
but step it up a notch. 

I decided to make a burlap birthday banner.

I decided on doing this because then instead of making a new birthday banner every year, I can just pull this banner out, and hang it up, ready to go!! ;) dad told me that either makes me lazy or smart... I opted for smart.
He also proceeded to tell me "that's why they say to give the laziest man the hardest job, because he'll find the easiest way to get it done". 


Here's How I Did It:

You'll need burlap, twine, scissors, a black sharpie, regular stapler, ruler, and your letters printed out (on regular paper) in the size you want them on your banner.

I used this roll of burlap- because it was already the perfect size for the banner pieces. It was about 5 inches wide, and I cut the banner pieces to be 7 inches long. This just made it easier than having to cut out all the banner rectangles from a larger piece of burlap. 
I also used white "twine".

Like I said, all I needed to do was cut the length that I wanted the banner pieces to be. 
Which I chose to be 7 inches long.

Surprisingly, YES, you can see the letter through the burlap. 
Once you have the outline of your letter traced- color it in with the Sharpie.

As you can see in the picture above- the staples do not standout.
I wanted to take a close up picture so you can see, I used 4 staples along the top, and even in a close up picture, the staples are hard to see! 
From further away- you can't see them one bit.
If you want to be super discreet- and don't want to use staples, hot glue is always an option.

So there you have it!
 I obviously also made a banner that said "BIRTHDAY" and I chose to make one that also said "GAVIN". Obviously you wouldn't need your child's name, but I wanted to :)

The banners turned out great!!!
They were surprisingly easy and fast to make too! So it was a perfect project to do during nap time ;)
Other cute burlap banner ideas could be:
Seasonal banners ("spring", "summer", "fall", "winter")
Meaningful word banners ("love", "family", "laugh"...etc.)
Other party banners (wedding showers-"bride to be"...etc.)
Save the Date pictures- with the date on the banner.
Announcing newborn baby's name photo - with baby's name on the banner.
There are all kinds of other super cute burlap banner ideas! Be creative!

Gavin's Dresser Remodel

This is a project I've been dying to do for quite awhile! As in...since I was pregnant with Gavin. 
I wanted to find a good ol', solid wood dresser- and fix it up.
The problem was- I couldn't find a dresser that I liked.
We searched everywhere too- Craigslist, thrift stores, GoodWill...etc. No luck.
Since Gavin's due date was quickly approaching, we ended up buying a super cheap dresser from Target (I think it was Target??), yes, it even has plastic handles. CHEAP.
We figured it would get the job done until we found a nice dresser we liked (and it has).

Finally, Spring, otherwise known as Thrift sale season, rolled around and we were crossing our fingers for a nice, solid, wood dresser for cheap!

What do ya know, we finally found one!!!

Based off the tag on the back- it's a dresser built sometime pre-1950's! So it's a good ol', real wood, sturdy dresser!!
It needed a lot of TLC, but that's just what I was looking for! 
I was truly, pathetically excited to give this old dresser new life!
It had a lot of scratches... all over... everywhere
The top of the dresser had some chipping
on the edge, as you can see in this picture

Decently deep scratches... EVERYWHERE.

I wasn't worried about the scratches- they're nothing a little A LOT of sanding can't take care of!

And that's what I started with. A LOT of sanding.

 I took out all of the drawers, took off all of the drawer knobs, and got to work sanding...

I used my electric sander and 100 grit sand paper, and sanded the crap out this dresser.
I did not want ONE scratch left over.
(I wanted this dresser to look brand-spankin' new for my little boy!)
Buh-Bye scratches!!! Hello gorgeous, fresh, smooth wood!!
I sanded until I was all the way through the old lacquer and finish, until I was down to the fresh wood. Some scratches were deep enough that I had to sand them down quite a bit to get them to disappear. But let me tell you- there is not ONE scratch left on that dresser! 

My arms were so sore, and I sanded long enough that when I would turn the sander off to go do something else for a minute- my hands felt like they were still vibrating from the sander.
It's a LOT of sanding. But worth it, because it looked brand new!

In these next photos I wanted to show how amazing the wood looked after I sanded out all of the scratches and surface stains!
(...and that's just ONE little looked amazing)

So here it is after all the sanding was done.
I also sanded all of the dresser drawer fronts.
(I didn't paint the insides of the drawers- because they're a very nice looking wood- so that was an added plus, and saved me a lot of work!)

Now it was time to prime!!
I decided I wanted to paint everything except the very top of the dresser- I wanted to stain the top a nice, dark walnut color.

I used painters tape and newspaper and covered the top of the dresser to make sure no paint got on the wood that I would be staining later.

I rarely use spray paint to paint furniture- but I guess I had a wild hair, and decided to give it a try! 
Why not right?!
I really just wanted to try it and see if I liked spray painting furniture better than painting with a brush...
Which I do have to say, I might like spray painting better. 
The finish is flawless- if you take your time and do it right.
It's also way easier than trying to use a brush and get in all of the corners, cracks...etc.


I used Rustoleum's spray primer.
I did 2 coats- which it said you can do a second coat as soon as the first coat dries- so pretty much right away (which was really nice!).
I used a total of 3 spray cans of primer for the dresser and the drawer fronts.
(sorry, no pictures of priming because priming is boring and I guess I didn't think to take any...)

I used Rustoleom's Heirloom White...a very nice, off-white color.

This was my fancy workspace for the drawers...
yup, out in the yard.
I did 3 coats of Heirloom White. 
In between coats, if there were any rough spots I noticed once it dried, I would take fine/finishing sand paper and sand it smooth...I also made sure to wipe the dresser and drawers down every time with a clean, dry cloth to make sure the surface was as clean, and smooth as possible!

What about the drawer knobs??
I opted for just painting the original drawer knobs with my Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, instead of buying all new ones.
I did 4 coats of spray paint (following the dry time instructions from the can), then finished them off with 1 coat of "crystal clear" Rustoleum Polyurethane spray just for some added protection.
You would never know that these were the original WOOD knobs!


I used Rustoleum wood stain (from Michaels) in Dark Walnut.
I only did one coat- because I loved the color.
If you want a darker color- you can do more than one coat of stain.
This was my first time staining anything! I was so nervous- but I quickly realized it's the easiest thing in the world. 
Wipe on.
Wipe off.
Repeat...a lot of times, until you're done.
There it is all painted and stained!! Only a few more things
left to do!
I used Rustoleum polyurethane spray, "gloss" finish, to seal and finish the top where I stained. 
I used two coats. 
(I did cover the painted part of dresser with newspaper when I did the poly)

I also took off the wheels from the very bottom, and put felt pads in their place (since Gavin has a wood floor in his room).

I let the dresser cure for a few days before bringing it home...

Now that we've finally brought it home, and all is said and done...
it looks like this...

I am so happy his dresser turned out as AMAZING as it did!!
This was my first real furniture remodel, my first time using spray paint on furniture, and my first time staining anything! 
So the fact that it all turned out BETTER than I expected- made me quite happy. 

It was so much fun taking an old, beaten up dresser that someone was getting rid of for 40 bucks,
and turning it into what's now, the focal point of Gavin's room. 
It's gorgeous! 

If you're curious, here's the cost break down:

Dresser: $40.00
Spray Paint: $15 (about)
Stain: $5 (about)
A Grand Total of $60!!! 

9 Most Surprising Things About Being Mom

So in honor of Gavin being 9 months old- I decided to come up with 9 things that surprised me about Motherhood.
It wasn't hard, because I've learned a lot- so these are what surprised me the most.

Being Mom is not easy. Whether you're a full-time working mom, or a stay-at-home mom like myself, it's not easy. Being Mom is a job. It's physically and mentally exhausting some days.
I didn't expect having a baby to be a walk in the park, but I truly didn't expect it to be as much work as it is!

As I said before, being Mom is hard work, but there is not a more rewarding job in this world.
Watching your baby grow right before your eyes is so rewarding in itself, that to me, nothing can top that. I get to spend every day with my baby, watching him develop a personality, learning about this big crazy world around him. It's so much fun, and so rewarding to be Mom.

Shocking and sad, but true.
I have tried to go shopping for clothes for myself, and it's just not fun anymore. This was something I could have done all day, every day before Gavin... I LOVED to shop!! Somewhere along the line, I totally lost interest in shopping for myself.  Now, walk me over to the baby department, and my cart will be overflowing with baby clothes and toys before you know it.
I don't understand how this happened, but it did.

I was a napping queen before I had Gavin. I could take gloriously long, 2+ hour naps. Those naps where you lay down, close your eyes, and the next thing you know, you've more or less been dead to the world for the last 3 hours. Now, I rarely have the opportunity to even take a nap. Half the time, when I try to nap, I CAN'T!!! Is that just a part of being Mom??? How have I totally lost the ability to nap?!?! How does that happen?? Anyway, on the rare occasion that I do actually get a nap, it feels like heaven. They're probably extra awesome because they're so few and far between...but wow, naps are amazing now.

I've always been a person that enjoys going to bed. I love crawling into bed after a long day, relaxing, and just going to sleep (...can you tell I really like..and sleep...). Now that every day seems to be busy with a baby, bed time is even more exciting! I'm not only excited for Gavin's bedtime (because Aaron and I finally have a full hour or two, to ourselves), but I'm excited to go to bed myself! Usually by the time I lay Gavin down for bed (8:00pm)- I'm ready to clock out. I usually do my best to stay up and spend that time with Aaron...but not gonna lie, there have been plenty of nights that I lay Gavin down in bed, then sneak right off to bed myself.
Yes, that's right, going to bed at 8pm is now awesome some nights.

I always said (in my pre-mom days), "I don't want a bunch of baby toys covering my living room when I have kids"...ya, who was I kidding. Gavin has a lot of toys- and they're all kept in the living room.
I do have to say though, every night we put away all of his toys- and it's like a breath of fresh air. My living room is back to looking like a real living room. This probably doesn't bother a lot of other people, but to me I love having a clean, put together, adult-like living room. I prefer my living room to look more like a living room than a day care- but that's pretty unrealistic when you have a baby.
As I speak (or type?) my couch is currently covered in burp rags, a pack of baby wipes, a baby blanket, a pair of baby pajamas, and a boppy pillow.
It is what it is.

If you've followed me on this blog, then you're familiar with my breastfeeding story. If not, here's a super shortened version of it: I used to hate breastfeeding, now I love it. (I did say super short...if you care to read more, or need some breastfeeding motivation yourself, check out this Motivation for Breastfeeding Mamas post). But in all honesty, for the first couple months of Gavin's life, I truly had a love-hate relationship with it.
Somewhere around the 2 month mark it clicked for me, and ever since, I've loved breastfeeding! It honestly could not be easier (or cheaper). Plus, for me- it's been a HUGE part in losing my baby weight! I'm smaller now 9 months post-baby, than I was pre-pregnancy even! Not to mention, as everyone knows, it's the healthiest and best option for baby ("breast is best"...a saying that gets really old during pregnancy and right after birth). You definitely sacrifice some things when it comes to breastfeeding, (pumping, wearing a bra all the time..ugh..) but let's be real- it's worth it.

This is a pretty shocking one for me. I'm a super laid back, easy going person...but at the same time, I can be a mega control freak. I really like having a schedule, and sticking to it. I like planning things out, and knowing what to expect (I know all other Mom's are laughing at me at this point). 
Ya...once a baby comes along, that all changes.
I'm no longer in control- this tiny, little human being is quite bossy for not even being able to speak.
They get their point across pretty quick- and it's that THEY'RE in charge now (for the most part).
I learned to just ease up on my control-freak tendencies, and life has been a much easier, and far less stressful ride since then!

The tiniest things make me cry. Like watching Jill Duggar give birth and hold her baby for the first time- yup, tears. Seeing a pregnant woman walking down the street, I catch myself thinking, "awwww, that was me at this time last year". Seeing little toddlers, I tell myself, "that will be my baby in a couple years....".
Ya, sappy stuff like that.
I constantly find myself going through old pictures, from when I was pregnant, and when Gavin was just a tiny (well, he was never "tiny") little newborn. When I think about Gavin turning 1, it makes me sad...but excited at the same time. It's sad thinking of my baby...not really being a baby anymore. See....sappy stuff like this! And I'm just going to stop, because I could go on forever, and you get the picture.

It's pretty amazing.

Better than the Restaurant Fish Fry!

Once again- my husband has outdone himself and created a crazy good new recipe for us!
(This is what happens when you get super sick of eating chicken every just whip together anything you have on hand that's NOT chicken...luckily for us, it became a new favorite recipe!!)
We used my chicken cordon bleu recipe (another one I will eventually get around to sharing on here) as inspiration...and voila. A super amazing fish fry recipe! Far healthier for you than the typical restaurant fish fry, and super fast and easy to make! 

Here you go:

What You Need: 
(we choose to use wild caught cod and all organic ingredients)

4 pieces Cod (2 per person)
1/2 teaspoon Salt (we use sea salt)
1/2 teaspoon Pepper
1 teaspoon Garlic Salt
1 teaspoon Thyme (dried)
1 Cup Bread Crumbs (we use 1/2 cup wheat crumbs, 1/2 cup regular crumbs)
2 Eggs
3 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
3 Tablespoons unsalted Butter (melted)

What To Do:

1. In a medium sized bowl, combine salt, pepper, garlic salt, thyme, bread crumbs and melted butter. Mix well. 

2. In a separate bowl, whisk the 2 eggs. 

3. In a large frying pan melt the coconut oil over medium-high heat. You want to make sure you have enough coconut oil to completely coat the entire bottom of the pan.

4. Dip the cod into the whisked eggs, then batter them in the bread crumbs bowl. Make sure to cover  them good with the bread crumb mixture- this makes them nice and crispy!!

5. Toss the cod into the frying pan. After a few minutes flip the cod. You want to make sure the "crisp" turns a nice golden color. All in all the cod takes less than 10 minutes to cook. Not very long!

We always pair this recipe with some fresh steamed broccoli (topped with a little unsalted butter and sea salt...yum!) and I love to add some parmesan couscous to the mix! YUM!!!


Visitors Right After Birth....No Thank You.

The excitement of a new baby is out of this world. Not just for the expectant Mom & Dad, but everybody! Grandparents, brothers & sisters, aunts & uncles, cousins, get it, everyone! 
BUT...when it comes to everyone and their moms wanting to meet your baby the day it's born...
so not for me. Actually, let's be honest- I really didn't care for many visitors the entire time I was in the hospital... here's an honest look into why.

Super Honest Reason #1:
I just gave birth to an almost 10 pound baby. It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand, it hurts to really do anything...It kind of even hurts to think (that's probably just the lack of sleep). My lady bits, down there, are swollen to a size I never knew possible (the nurse reassured me, 'yes, that's normal'...because, yes, I most definitely asked). When you're in that kind of pain, in that area, you don't necessarily feel like entertaining guests...Or at least I didn't.

Super Honest Reason #2:
I'm bleeding enough that I have on a maxi pad large enough to qualify as an adult diaper. I've already gone through 3 of the super attractive disposable hospital undies, so moving around and especially standing up in front of any visitors is not really on the list of things I want to do. I would like to get off the hospital bed and use the bathroom- but I also don't feel like leaving a blood trail to the bathroom in front of my in laws. Not to mention the hospital gown that I still have on (because lets be real, it's as comfortable as you can get without being naked) shows off my rear end- which looks super attractive in my hospital underwear and post-birth diaper. Nobody needs to see that. I don't even want to see that.

Honest Reason #3:
When I need a new ice filled adult diaper maxi pad, I don't necessarily feel like asking for it in front of visitors. Not that I couldn't ask for it in front of visitors... but lets be real, it's awkward asking for something for your lady bits with visitors sitting right beside you. I really don't need them knowing my current lady bit needs.

Honest Reason #4:
I know some women have no problem showing off their girls. But me...if you're not a doctor, or nurse, I don't want you looking at my boobs. Not saying that's what visitors are there to do...but when I need to nurse my baby- I don't want you watching. 
A: I'm still learning how to do this- it didn't come 'natural' to me. B: Gavin took a while to get a good latch. I wasn't comfortable nursing even in private yet- I was in NO WAY wanting to do it IN FRONT of visitors.

Honest Reason #5:
I'm tired. I was just in labor all night, and then proceeded to push out a 10 pound baby. I'm exhausted. I want to sleep. My eyes burn. My head hurts. Those precious couple days in the hospital are the only days you have nurses available to help you. Those precious couple days in the hospital are the only days you have a nursery that will take your baby at the push of a button. I don't know about you, but I need my sleep any chance I get, and so does my husband. We have many sleepless nights ahead of us...the visitors- do not.

Reason #6:
Why did I choose to have my baby in the hospital?...well because that's where I felt safest doing it, and to RECOVER there. See that word, RECOVER...because that's what you, or at least I, felt like I needed to do. Gavin was a BIG body needed time to recover from that, especially those first couple days after birth. It's just not a time that I want to feel like I need to entertain visitors.

Reason #7:
My newborn baby is not going to change much within the next couple weeks.
This newborn baby will still be an adorable, tiny little baby when I'm home from the hospital. I'll also be in the comfort of my home- much more willing, and actually excited, to have people come visit! Yes, those very first couple days are amazing and precious in terms of your sweet newborn baby, but horribly uncomfortable and gross for Mom (or at least this Mom).

So there you go. A very honest look into why I really didn't want many visitors right after birth. People I'm super comfortable around, (my parents, my siblings, best friends) ya, come visit! I don't care about asking for my ice filled maxi pad infront of you, or you seeing my rear end as I waddle my way to the bathroom. In fact, I actually don't mind laughing with you about the nastiness and reality of childbirth. But you just can't do that with everyone...

When I'm home, relaxed, and somewhat used to this new life, (as well as actually able to semi-comfortably sit) I would love to have everyone come visit! This for me, is the ideal time for visitors. I'm home, I've recovered, I'm in the mood to be around people! At the hospital when I'm a swollen, bloody mess... no thank you.

So if you're like me- and you felt this way after giving birth- girl, you are NOT alone! And don't feel bad for not wanting visitors! I remember my dad kind of giving me a hard time about it when he was at the hospital visiting me- until I told him "well Dad, once you push a 10 pound baby out of your vagina- and get to deal with the after math, THEN we'll talk".  He laughed, but he definitely got the point, and guess what- no more comments about visitors! Spending the first couple days with your baby in the hospital, embarrassed to move, or feeling uncomfortable and awkward because of having visitors- that's not the way to spend your first days as Mom!

Any woman that has had a baby (and any man that has witnessed child birth) will understand...or SHOULD understand!
Take a couple days to privately recover- if that's what you need. That newborn baby won't change much within that first week! 

Mother's Day 2015

So yesterday was Mother's Day, and it was my first official Mother's Day! 
(I say official because last year I was pregnant, so I'm sure I still celebrated it, knowing me...)

It was a super great day, but then again, with an almost 9 month old baby, they don't understand this is a day to celebrate Mom, apparently for Gavin it was just another day to be a teething, sassy little guy! (this teething stuff sucks lately). 
It was a good reminder for me that you don't ever really get a 'break' from the realities of being Mom (crying babies, poopy diapers...etc.), not even on Mother's Day... at least not yet!  :)

Our day started at a chipper 5:45am. Not my ideal time to start the day....I was really hoping Gavin would sleep in until about 10am such luck.  
So needless to say, the day started like any another day.... Aaron gave Gavin his morning bottle, I pumped, and Harley made his way out of the bedroom and plopped himself right on the couch for some extra shut eye. Harley doesn't typically start his day until 8 or 9 am (lucky dog).

Aaron gave me my Mother's Day present, which I LOVE!!! It was something I saw while we were out shopping together about a month ago, and he remembered how much I liked it :)

Voila! The present!
LOVE the quote from the card Aaron gave me-
"motherhood is the journey of a lifetime". 
It most definitely is! And I'm only 9 months in!
We decided to go out for an early breakfast, early as in we were at the restaurant by 7am. We were most definitely the youngest people in there by a solid 30-40 years. Even in our old age, I don't think Aaron and I will be early risers...We both really enjoy our sleep.
After breakfast we made a quick run to our Menards store... PS, I swear, within this last month between all of our house projects we're working on, we have practically lived at Menards...or so it seems.

Poor G's nose...he scratched it with his sharp little fingernail a
couple days ago :( Also, poor little green toy, he got left on one
of the Menards shopping carts... or so we think?

"Mom I really don't want to take a picture, I'd much rather eat your
". Ahhhh, trying to take a nice picture with your baby...

We were headed home at about 8:30am....and Aaron and I both looked at each other and said "so....what do we do the rest of the day...?" HA! We literally had everything done that we wanted to do for the day, BEFORE 9am!!! 

Gavin took his morning nap, and so did Aaron and I.
(getting up at 5:45am kicked our butts).

After Gavin's nap, so begins the sass. 
Poor Gavin man, this last week he just hasn't been himself. We're pretty sure it's teething...I finally caved and bought him a raw baltic amber teething necklace. We got it only a couple days ago, so it hasn't been long...but I'm hoping it works & kicks in soon for him! 
(I definitely plan on doing a post about the amber necklace...once we've been using it for awhile!)

So literally the rest of the day was spent trying to stay busy, and keep Gavin happy and entertained. He definitely wasn't "horrible" but he definitely wasn't his normal happy, content self.
(figures he's that way for Mother's you anything when Father's Day rolls around he'll be happy as can be)    ;)

Gavin did make up for his sassiness by taking a 2 1/2 hour long afternoon nap!! Which of course, Aaron and I took advantage of by also taking naps! :) 
(I do have to say, getting to take 2 naps in ONE day, was a pretty sweet Mother's Day gift in itself)

So needless to say, at one point I may or may not have contemplated spending future Mother's Days somewhere away from home, where there are no children, only peace, quiet, and relaxation. Then I brought myself back to reality, and realized, who am I kidding? When I decided to start having kids, I pretty much signed away my "rights" to peace, quiet and relaxation. . .  and truthfully, I kind of wouldn't want it any other way :)

Happy Mother's Day to all other Mamas!!!

Some Springtime Favorites!

Favorite Meals

For us Parents:

This was a recipe my husband came up with all on his own! He has a knack for doing that (a quality in him that I love!). This is one that I definitely plan on making again soon, and sharing with you! In short, it's cod battered in egg, breadcrumbs, garlic salt, thyme, salt and pepper, and "fried" in a pan with some coconut oil! So delicious and Summery, as well as fast and easy!! 

For Gavin (8ish months old):

Banana & Avocado puree 
I mix 1oz of banana puree and 1oz of avocado puree together... simply delicious. Sometimes I'll add a little plain, full fat yogurt to this as well- yumm!!

Banana or Blueberry Yogurt 
I mix roughly 1oz of banana or blueberry (or both would be yummy) puree with about 1oz of plain, full fat yogurt. 

Banana Oatmeal
1oz Banana puree, mixed with 1oz cooked oatmeal.

Favorite Activities

Trips to the park!
Luckily, we live in a city with numerous fun parks to go explore! If it's a sunny warm day out, then we're outside as much as possible! 

We love getting out to the park, laying out a blanket and enjoying the sunshine! Gavin keeps himself entertained by playing with my water bottle, or the grass (sounds like a blast right...). Gavin really loves being outside, and so do we, so it's something we do as much as possible!
"Dad smile for the camera while I quick
try and eat this grass while you're not looking"

Going For Runs
I really hate running (to be honest), but Aaron loves it and Gavin seems to enjoy tagging along for the ride as well! We have an awesome Eddie Bauer jogging stroller, and Aaron says it works great! Gavin seems to love it too :) 

 Favorite Products

It's finally that time of year again, and nobody enjoys sun burns!

This one's for mama!! I LOVE this and I use it numerous times, EVERY single day on my face! It's $28 for the bottle, and I swear it seems like the bottle lasts forever! Mine has honestly lasted over at least 4 months, and I still have probably 1/4 of the bottle left! It really keeps your skin feeling fresh and clean, which is extra nice as we approach the sticky, sweaty Summer months!

I love all things Honest Company. I have yet to try one product that I'm not happy with!
I am super picky with my soaps I use in the shower- it's hard to find good, organic/natural bar soaps that still have a good, bubbly, lather! Maybe that's not important to you, but for me it's a must! I use the lavender scent, and love it!! (there's nothing better than taking that before-bed shower after a long summer day spent outside, and the lavender soap is just an added, relaxing bonus!)

Other Favorites

Watching everything come back to life! I'm such a nerd, but now that we've been homeowners for awhile, I get SO excited every spring when I see my plants in our landscaping starting to bud! I think it's just the reassurance of "ok, I can keep plants alive....I can do this!". It's fun to just to go for walks, and it seems like almost every day you can tell a difference in the trees and the grass.... greener, more full! Spring is fun :)

So far, every spring at our house we have had baby bunnies in our backyard! They live underneath our little back yard shed and come out and adorably hop around our yard. Our "mama bunny" as we like to call her, is super spoiled, and we feed her our leftover broccoli and cauliflower stems, carrots, lettuce...etc. It's so adorable to watch the little bunnies out in our yard! But there are two downsides to this adorable scene.... 
1: Harley the dog loves to try and catch them. 
Which means when he does(which is rare), I go running and screaming into our backyard and have to become the bunny rescuer (and I always hope our neighbors aren't watching...). He's never hurt one, he just catches them with his paw, and just holds them there...I think he's unsure what to do with them. Which is good I guess? But, it still always scares the sh*t out of me and we have to keep a super close eye on Harley every time we let him outside.
2: Crows. 
I hate these I just said before, I'm a huge animal lover, but this is an animal I truly despise. Rewind to about exactly one year ago, it was late spring, I was probably about 7 months pregnant (emotional & hormonal) and I witnessed a crow carry off an ALIVE baby bunny from the neighbor's yard... (It wasn't one of ours). But, it was the worst thing I had ever seen, especially because I was just outside, enjoying the cool morning, watering my landscaping, thinking "ahhh what a beautiful way to start the day..." and then that happened across the street. Horrible, and totally ruined my day. I ran inside and told Aaron, and he assured me that "the crow dropped it and it got away". I tell myself the same thing.... But I'm still haunted by it every Spring, and if my baby bunnies are out in the yard, I literally stand guard ready to chase off any crow that dares to steal one of my bunnies! (I totally sound like a crazy lady, but I'm not going to delete of any this because it's totally true).

My last springtime favorite, is having fresh flowers on our kitchen table! Nothing says Spring or Summer like fresh flowers!

Happy Spring!!!

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