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New House Tour *SNEAK PEAK*

Well, if you follow the blog, then you know that we've moved into a new house!

Which is always bittersweet, because of course we're going to miss our old house, it was Aaron & I's first home together, and it's where we brought home our first baby boy!! We have SO many memories there, I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed some tears over leaving that house...

BUT... it's sweet knowing we will have SO many new, fun memories to make here in our new home! Especially come December, when we welcome little baby #2 into the mix! 

We're getting pretty settled over here in the new house, and room by room things are coming together!
I still have a lot to do... but I wanted to share some of my favorite things about our new house... so far! 

my DIY floating shelf !
Check out my DIY floating shelf tutorial HERE!

I LOVE this fireplace! It makes our living room SO cozy!

We have this big, beautiful bay window in the kitchen, right above our sink, that overlooks our backyard. One of my FAVORITE things about this new house! Can't wait to get it decorated, and showcase this special spot more!
...Last but most definitely not least...
we have a pool!! Woo Hoo!
It's a lot of work, but I grew up with a pool in our backyard, and as kids we LIVED in that thing every summer! Gavin already loves it, and when he has his floaties on this kid becomes a little fish! We've already learned that having a pool is a lot of work... and money... but we've already spent SO much time in it, it's more than worth it in our book! 

This sneak peak definitely consisted of mostly decor...
so as I finish a room, I plan to try and showcase it!

Hopefully soon...!

PREGNANCY - 21 weeks with baby #2

How far along: 21 weeks

Gender: BOY

Sleep: Sleeping decent- my low back gets pretty sore by the end of the day, so I'm already taking advantage of the pillow between the legs while I sleep. That's a staple in both my pregnancies so far!

Best moment this week: I went to a country music festival, which was super fun, and a super needed break for Mama! ;) It was also Aaron & I's anniversary last Thursday, so we had some fun celebrating that at the festival! We've been so busy with moving into the new house, every day life is kind of just a whirlwind lately. Also this little boy has become SO active! The other night at 3:30am, I could not fall back asleep because he was moving around like a wild man!! I love it! It's such a reassuring feeling, when you feel them bopping all around in there, it's a simple sigh of relief that, yes, everything's ok in there.

Worst moment this week: I've been exhausted lately! Gavin has been more energetic than ever, I think since we've been in a new house for the past week and a half. The music festival was a great "getaway" for me (although it shouldn't even be considered a getaway, I was only gone 3 evenings for it...) but it left me SO TIRED. This past week, come about 6:30pm, this mama is already ready for bed....

Cravings: Banana pancakes. I could eat these every single morning, and if it weren't for Aaron picking on me already for how often I eat them... I totally would.

Looking forward to: Buying paint for baby boy's nursery!!!! I can't wait to start working on another baby's room! eeeeeek!

PREGNANCY - 20 weeks with baby #2

Ignore the "over 21" bracelet... we had a country music festival all weekend that we went
to, and if I wanted to be able to go where everyone else went, I needed the bracelet.
My mugs of water were super delicious all weekend though.... #joysofpregnancy.

How far along: 20 weeks.

Gender: BOY!!!!!!!!

Total pregnancy weight gain so far: 7.4 lbs

Best moment this week: Definitely finding out that we are having another BOY! We are so, so, so excited! I'm a bit nervous to be a mama of 2 little boys... my hands will be full, but I'm so ready for the challenge! Our 20 week ultrasound went really well, baby looks cute as ever, and healthy! Also, feeling more movement, and bigger movements. There's almost nothing I love more during pregnancy, than feeling that baby kicking and moving all around! LOVE IT!

Miss Anything: Being able to have a jack n coke while watching country music bands!!! It's just not the same going to a music festival (where we get free drinks!), and sipping on water all day and night. Oh well, totally worth it in the long run!! ;) ...and we go every year... so next year, I get to make up for it!

Looking forward to: Designing and decorating a BOY nursery again! 

it's a...


gender reveal its a boy

We are SO excited to be having another boy!
I won't lie- I'm nervous to see the kind of trouble Gavin and his little brother will get into, and I have a feeling I'm going to have my hands full with these two, but I seriously could not be happier.

I can't wait to see the brother relationship that they'll have. 
I'm more familiar with sister relationships, there aren't as many boys in my family (or Aaron's) as there are girls. So it will actually be kind of a new experience!

I'm already so anxious to meet this little boy, snuggle him, and give him a million kisses just like I do his big brother!

Today is also me and Aaron's anniversary, so it was a fantastic present to find out this news today! 

I have one very FULL heart!
Thank you Lord

...a 20 week baby bump post to come...

Favorite Summertime/Pregnancy Meals ( far...)

So I'm already somehow almost half way through this second pregnancy!
Time is literally flying by!

I decided to put together a little list of my favorite meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
I try to keep my sweets intake minimal (I shoot for nonexistent, but lets be real... it's summer which means s'mores and ice cream, and you can't ALWAYS turn that my book).

I tend to always eat lighter during the summer, cool foods like fruits and salads are a staple in my summer diet .
I'll probably post another "favorite pregnancy meals" round up towards the end of this pregnancy, which will be in December. I'm guessing there will be the typical winter comfort foods I always run to, like chili, soups, and stroganoffs in that one ;)

here are my



Oatmeal (organic and regular rolled- NOT QUICK OATS!!) sweetened with stevia and cinnamon.

Banana Pancakes

Sourdough french toast


Mixed green salad with raspberry poppy seed dressing and diced apples

Chicken breast with avocado and cream cheese

*Panera'a Chicken Caesar Salad 
(I had to throw this one in there because it just ALWAYS sounds good to me and it's a somewhat common lunch of mine)


Cranberry Cream Cheese Chicken with steamed broccoli & couscous

And... last but DEFINITELY not least...

Basil Pesto Zucchini Chicken (one of our absolute favorites that I will be sharing here SOON!)

So there you have it.
I hope this gives you some fresh new (healthy!) ideas if your diet seems to be stuck in a rut!
Which happens to us all at some point or another...

PREGNANCY - 18 weeks with baby #2

This is the best belly photo I can do... I know, not impressive.
We were on vacation for the last week, and the belly picture
may have been forgotten! oops! So this will have to do...

How far along: 18 weeks

Gender: finding out at 20 weeks (eeeeeek only 2 more weeks!!!)

Best moment this week: Feeling MOVEMENT!!! ...and a lot of it! Aaron has also been able to feel some kicks too, which is always really fun to see the shock and excitement on his face when he first gets to feel some of the baby's movement! I started to feel movement, initial twitches, at right about 17 weeks...maybe a few days before. I would only feel it if I was laying down on my back. Within this past week, the movement has definitely gotten stronger, but I still really only feel it if I'm sitting or laying down. I LOVE feeling those movements, it's one of my absolute favorite parts about pregnancy!

Cravings: Banana pancakes

Looking forward to: Finding out gender in a couple weeks! I CAN NOT believe we are already almost halfway through this pregnancy. It's flying by crazy fast!!!

On a side note- and totally UNpregnancy related... 
we had a really great vacation! We stayed up in Northern Wisconsin on a lake for a week- so fun! But not very relaxing... an almost 2 year old really changes the dynamics of a so called "vacation"... ;)
It was a good, and probably much needed break from the realities of real life lately... since we are busy with work at Aaron's office, and moving into our new house really soon.. we have had such a busy last couple months!
There's something about spending time on a lake that helps you unwind...
and it was much needed!

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