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PREGNANCY - *37 weeks with baby #2*

(this update's a little late... but better than never right?!)

How far along: 37 weeks -- FULL TERM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gender: BOY!

Total weight gain so far: 38lbs

Feeling: Like labor could happen at any time now. I've had severe "nesting" this last week, I finished his nursery (well... we still need curtains, but that's it!!), as well as cleaned like every other room in our house...nesting at it's best. I'm to the point where I have weekly doctor appointments, but this next week I'm skipping- due to Thanksgiving. So I'm already SUPER anxious for my next doctor appointment, when I'll be a little over 38 weeks to check and see if I'm dilated at all!

Movement: He still is a mover in there! His movements are way more cramped now, but he still loves to stretch out and stick his bum out one way and his feet way out on the other side of my belly. He also loves to kick me in the ribs every night... can't even be mad at him for this 'cause I love feeling him move around in there, and I know I don't have much longer!!

Contractions: HOLY CONTRACTIONS!!! I get them all the time. Yesterday I actually had contractions ALL DAY. None of them were very strong, or close enough together for me to worry about actual labor, but there were a couple times I wondered if labor was about to happen! My body is doing some serious prepping! I also get a few painful contractions that wake me up every night. I have a feeling labor with this little guy will go quick.... we'll see!!

Best moment this week:
I packed my hospital bag, and it was surreal. This time around I had a better idea of what I actually would use at the hospital. It was fun packing his little outfits, hats, and socks too... I just still can't believe we're so close to meeting him!!

What's In My Hospital Bag... for baby #2

My hospital bag this time around is much lighter than the first time!
If you want a more in depth breakdown of what exactly is in my bag, and why...
keep reading!

For Mom:

Nursing bras, light-weight robe, comfortable tank tops for nursing, and comfortable pants. All things comfortable. I also went out and bought some bigger sized boy short undies, for the supersized pads you wear at the hospital... those things don't fit in regular undies!!! I also prefer nursing bras (especially in the first few weeks of nursing) without any under wire! The ones in the photo above are the ones I use, and I bought them from Target, check them out here if you want. They're the most comfortable nursing bras I have. It also helps to have SUPER comfy nursing bras... since you'll need to be sleeping in them too!
Along with the nursing theme- I bring my own nursing pads.

Last time I brought my own pillow... and I'll do it again this time NO DOUBT! I'm a pillow freak, and I take my pillow anywhere I go that I'll be spending the night. This time around, I'm also bringing my super fuzzy blanket (from Target)... Maybe it's because I'm due in cold ol' December, but I just want to bring a fuzzy, cozy blanket. I also plan to take some newborn photos in the hospital, so I figured a nice, white, fuzzy blanket will be a helpful prop :)

As far as toiletries... I'm trying to stay to the very basics here.
Toothbrush, razor, basic hair accessories, my Norwex face cloth (I use this as my makeup makeup remover I have EVER used by the way... I will never go back to wipes, or makeup remover goops, this cloth wins), face wash, and super minimal makeup. This time around I'm actually getting eyelash extensions about a week or two before I'm due. My sister is an aesthetician, and does them... so I'm taking advantage of it. I've had them before, and the ease of not having to deal with mascara- AMAZING! I love not having to put it on before I go somewhere, or having to scrub it off.... I'm also excited to not have to worry about any running mascara in those first couple weeks after birth, where the simplest/dumbest things make you cry.
I never wear a lot of make up, so I really don't plan to wear much (if any) in the hospital after giving birth...

As for electronics- again, super basic- chargers (phone & camera) and a nice quality camera!

For Baby

Again, the majority of the baby supplies I use right after birth- are provided by the hospital (diapers, wipes...etc.). This makes packing for the little guy pretty simple!

I LOVE baby sleeping gowns- in fact, we didn't use these just as pajamas- in the first few weeks we had Gavin in these all the time around the house! With newborns it's like you're constantly having to change their diaper, so the "gowns" make this so much easier than pants, or having to unbutton/unzip other clothes. Sleeper gowns for the WIN!

Baby hats, "mittens" (to keep them from scratching themselves) and little socks.

I packed some muslin swaddle blankets. I love how lightweight, and soft these are- perfect for swaddling.

We bring our own Nuks just because we prefer to, most hospitals offer them.

BOPPY PILLOW! This one is also slightly more so for Mom... I use it for breastfeeding. It's a must have for me, no doubt.

Last but not least, a going home outfit

There you have it folks.
I always enjoy seeing what other Mom's pack for their stay in the hospital-
I'm pretty simple and basic, so hopefully this gives you some good, realistic ideas on what to pack for your own hospital stay!!

PREGNANCY - 36 weeks with baby #2

How far along: 36 weeks 

Gender: BOY!

Total weight gain so far: 38lbs

Feeling: I feel like the end of this pregnancy is really, really creeping up on me! I can't believe I'm only 1 week away from full term (WHAT?!!).

Movement: Little man LOVES to stretch his bum out one way, and shove his little feet out way on the other side of my belly... and this one  sometimes gets painful! He's a strong little guy! At night, he always gets his feet up under my ribs! I know I'll miss feeling all his little movements. He still gets hiccups at least 3-4 times a day.

Contractions: I get contractions all the time during the day... my body is really starting to practice for the big day!

Best moment this week:
I'm going through all of Gavin's old baby clothes, and hanging them up for this little guy to wear. It's so sweet seeing all of my old favorite outfits and shirts that Gavin wore when he was a baby. It's exciting to know soon I'll be putting them on this little man... but also bittersweet that my little Gavin is already so big, and continuing to grow up so fast on me! 

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