My Must Haves

#1. Belli Elasticity Belly Oil I used this every night before bed! As my belly got more and more massive, I would use it throughout the day whenever I needed to, to help with any tightness or itchy skin!
#2. Comfy clothes (duh, right!?) You will never have too many pairs of comfy sweatpants, comfy bras, or comfy shirts. Notice the word COMFY! You will be amazed at how huge your stomach will get, and how much you appreciate comfy clothes!
#3. A good baby book! One that describes labor, delivery, post delivery...all that good stuff. One that I loved was "Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds" by Cynthia Gabriel.
#4. You need a man who will give you back rubs every night. Well make that every night, and every time you ask for one (which could be morning, mid morning, afternoon, mid afternoon, late afternoon, evening, and then again right before bed) ;)

#1.   Honest Company Nipple Balm, and for good reason! Cracked nipples are no fun! I used this wonderful balm after every breast feeding session! Do yourself (and your "girls") a favor and get yourself nipple balm.
#2. Comfy clothes. These are a total necessity, especially the first couple weeks after having baby... or if your like me, any time you're at home, even years after giving birth... :)
#3. Breast Pump. Invest in a good pump if you plan to use one often! I used the Medela Pump In Style Advanced. LOVE IT.
#4. Breast pads. I opted for disposable nursing pads. From what I've heard, a lot of the reusable/washable ones after numerous washings would get all bunched up and goofy. Disposable was just what I went with.
#5. Workout Clothes. It's amazing what buying some new workout clothes or shoes can do to your motivation to workout! Maybe it's just me... but I was way too excited to go workout in my cool new pants and shirts...or was I just excited to get out of the house and go to the gym???
#6. Breastmilk Storage Bags. These kind of go along with #3, but if you want to continue breastfeeding and be able to leave your baby longer than a couple hours... START FILLING THESE UP! Hey, and if you're like me and want a deep freeze full of breast milk stashed away for your babe... check out how I accomplished that here.

#1. We have used Pampers Swaddlers since the day Gavin was born. It was even the brand they had in the hospital. We love them... and Gavin seems to as well. ;)
#3. Honest Company Healing Balm. We use this on Gavin's tush after every diaper change during the day. It prevents any diaper rash! YAY! 
#4. Honest Company Diaper Rash Cream. We use this on Gavin's tush every night before bed! Can you tell we really like to prevent diaper rash! ...and I'm happy to report he's never had a real diaper rash yet!

#1. The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet. If you're even considering making your own baby food, do yourself a favor and just buy this book! I used it ALL the time for making Gavin's baby food, and it gives meals and info for toddlers as well!
#2. NINJA BLENDER. This blender made my life so much easier, all I can say about this blender is it is BY FAR the best I have ever used, hands down, in my life. For pureeing baby food, it works like a dream. The link I included is to the exact one we have.
#3. Fisher Price Space Saving High Chair
#4. Suction Bowls. You need all the help you can get with trying to make meal time as mess-free as possible. Having bowls that stick in place can help... a little. 
#5. The "Catch-all" Bib. Helps to contain the mess ;)
#6. Nuby 3 Stage Sippy Cup. This is the first "sippy" cup we started using with Gavin at around 8-9 months. The huge benefit to this cup, is it has 3 different "nipples" to use so you can slowly adjust baby from a bottle like nipple, to a more regular sippy cup top. Love this cup! (ps, only $4.99 from Target!)

#1. Baby Bath Tub.
#2. Bath Toys!
#3. Baby Bath Chair. Gavin was a BIG baby (9lbs 11oz at birth) so it didn't take long before he outgrew the baby tub. We upgraded him to the bath chair and he loves it! He actually still (at 18 months old) will sit in it while we wash him, before his bath play time! 
#4. Baby Washcloths. They're so much thinner and softer than regular washcloths!...and so cute.
#5. Honest Company Shampoo and Lotion.
#6. Hooded Baby Towels! 

#1. Boppy Pillow. Love it. Used it every day, for every feeding! Also comes in handy when your sweet baby is older and learning to sit by themselves! Helped us with tummy time too :)
 #2. Swaddle Blankets. What new baby doesn't love to be swaddled?!
#3. Sound Machine.
#4. Sleepers with Open Bottom. These come in SO handy for those middle of the night diaper changes! We used these on Gavin for at least the first couple months and it truly made life so much easier!
#5. Car Mirror. I was the typical, paranoid first time mom, and wanted to be able to see him (pretty much at all times) especially in the car. We have the Brica Baby In-Sight Magical Firefly Mirror, from Target.
#6. Baby Monitors. Obvi. We don't use the cool new wireless/see your baby through the video camera/ fancy ones that every one has now, we have some super cool/ 10 year old/ wire and antenna monitors handed down to us from my sister. Be jealous.
#7. Baby Swing/Bouncer. Of course you need somewhere besides your own arms to put the baby! We use this 2-in-1 baby swing and bouncer. Gavin LOVED it.

#1. Teether Toys Around 3 months, Gavin wanted to chew on everything he could! It was like having a puppy, you can't have enough toys for them to chew on.  :)
#2. Crib Mobile. My brother & sister-in-law had this super cool mobile for their baby's crib. I loved it and got one for Gavin. :) It's pretty much the coolest mobile I've ever seen. It plays music/sounds, has a night light, and it spins around. So fancy. ;)
#3. Exersaucer. Gavin LOVES this exersaucer. He is currently 18 months old, and will still sit in there and play if we need to try and confine him for a short amount of time! 
#4. LeapFrog- My Puppy Pal ScoutGavin got this sweet little toy when he was 4 months old as a Christmas present. He LOVED it even at that age! You can personalize it, so it says your kid's names, favorite colors, foods...etc. It really is a super cute toy :)
#5. Mesh Teethers. Gavin loves having frozen fruit (usually bananas and avocados) in this mesh teether! It keeps him busy for literally 45 minutes (Mom Approves).

#1. Baby Gate. They get mobile, and they get FAST!
#2. Soft Edged Spoons. 
#3. Walking Toys. Gavin LOVED his walking toys!
#4. The Cozy Coupe! I just loved having this for Gavin because it kept him entertained for hours! He loves being pushed around in his coupe.
#5. Blocks. What little kid doesn't love building towers... or knocking them down?!
Can you tell by the time Gavin reached 1 year old... the majority of my "must haves" became toys?? 

**If you're interested in my hospital bag must haves, check those out here!**
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  1. Awwww mr Gavin! I love the old pics! He's so big now!

  2. Will have to check these out when it's my turn for a baby!!


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