December Life

Not gonna lie... Christmas decor went up early this year... How could I possibly wait until AFTER Thanksgiving when I had this gorgeous, new Floating Shelf to decorate...

A beautifully, and perfectly balanced ornament, placed by
yours truly... Gavin.
Being that this is our first Christmas with a mobile, destructive (in a loving way) 1 year old, I have been lucky enough to re-decorate the bottom 1/3 of our Christmas tree every night after Gavin is in bed. He loves to pull off the ornaments and play with them, and of course throw them around, which is why it's a bonus to have cheap, plastic ornaments! ;) 
I guess buying Target's cheap box of ornaments worked out for me in the long run....

It's December 16th, and so far we have only had a dusting of snow. Which is CRAZINESS for us here in Wisconsin. There were people out golfing a couple days ago... that just isn't supposed to happen at this time, in this state! (but hey! I'll take it!)

Other than the every day madness, that we now know as "life"...
we have really just been enjoying a slower paced December.

I have put off finishing our kitchen project... (the tiny bit of white paint that still needs to be finished). After a marathon project like that, I notice I tend to take my time with completing all of the "finishing touches". With Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas, and a 1 year old on top of it all... I figure I can focus my energy somewhere else in the mean time. ;) It will all get finished... eventually.

I hope you are having a December full wonderful craziness, just like we are!
I will continue to spend my days wishing for a beautiful Wisconsin blizzard so we can have a dreamy, White Christmas, wrapping presents, and sipping my coffee while listening to Christmas music!!

....Oh, and I'll also be spending the majority of my time chasing after Gavin, changing diapers, picking up dog food (that Gavin has spilled...and tried to eat), and repeating all of that, more or less, my entire day.
Would I have it any other way???
I couldn't have you thinking my life was all Christmas cheer, blissful perfection... yuck!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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