Jaxon Cole - 2 Months!

a little late... but better than never!

Stats: 24-1/4 inches, 12 pounds (and some odd ounces...I forgot exactly from his appointment!)  3 month clothes & jammies

Sleep: We've had a couple nights that he has slept 8-1/2 hours!!! That's not the norm (yet, hopefully soon!!), he usually goes about 5-6 hours his first stretch, then has about a 3 hour stretch after that, and after that we're approaching the start of our day! So he usually wakes up once, maybe twice a night at this point. During the day he takes decent naps, most of them are around an hour long, sometimes he will take a longer afternoon nap. I try to keep him on a good routine of wake up, eat, awake time, nap time! He usually stays awake about 1-1/2 hours at a time. His awake times and nap times vary still... eventually I'm hoping to get it down to a more consistent pattern.

Eating: He still likes to eat every 2-3 hours during the day. I breastfeed him, and occasionally he gets a bottle if I'm gone for a feeding (which isn't too often).  Breastfeeding this time around was a million times easier than with Gavin, but at the same time it came with it's challenges as well. Jax has never had feedings that lasted longer than 1/2 hour... usually his feedings are no longer than 15 minutes, and that's the way it's been since day 1! When I asked his pediatrician about that, she said "Lucky you! You're one of the lucky ones- he's gaining weight and growing like crazy, he's just a fast eater!" Although, I'm not sure how "lucky" I was... I think it made him more gassy (which sucked) and I still would worry "is he still hungry?" "did he eat enough?" "does my supply just suck this time?". BUT, unlike the first time around with Gavin, I didn't let these things get to me or drive me crazy! He was going a couple hours between feeds, sleeping good stretches at night, and growing (he even grew 2 inches in just the first 3 weeks!)... So I knew all was fine and dandy :) 

Milestones: This month he really started cooing A LOT and doing those sweet little baby noises- he started cooing quite a bit at about 6 weeks! He also smiles SO much now... I can't wait for his first sweet laugh! He also loves to chew on his hands!

Likes: Tummy time, "chatting", eating, being held... he loves being held out so he can see what's going on around him :)

Overall: The first couple months with him have been such a blessing, but such an exhausting whirlwind! We had some really, really tough weeks, in which almost every evening consisted of some amount of inconsolable screaming (sometimes hours). Ugh, so tough, so exhausting, so NOT FUN! Thankfully, those evenings seem to be behind us (woo hoo!)! I would say right around the 8 week mark he started becoming more and more content. Now he's happy to sit in his little chair as long as he can see us or his big brother :) ...before he insisted on being held if he was awake! So we are definitely making some good strides with him!

We love our little Jax man so much!!
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