November '15

I can't even.
There's no possible way, it is already NOVEMBER of 2015.
I'm still confused as to where 2014 went!!!! 
Now we're almost to 2016?
I'm convinced time flies by a million times faster when you have a baby... who I guess is now already considered a "toddler". CASE IN POINT. Time is obviously flying by far too fast for my liking.

November for this family means...

 1. A cozy night in, with some crockpot stroganoff

2. Pumpkins on the front porch for as long as possible!!! LONG LIVE OUR BEAUTIFUL PUMPKINS!

3. THE VOICE. We aren't big tv show people... I used to be, but my days of mindless television for hours on end seemed to come to a screeching halt once I had a baby that stole all my time! :) 
He's worth it.  ;)

4. ALMOST a new season of Fixer Upper!!!!! Hallelujah, because I can't continue watching the same repeats of this show a hundred times... yet I find myself doing just that. 

5. Sweaters and boots!! YES!! My favorite... although I think when summer rolls around I probably claim "maxi dresses and sandals are my favorite!!", whatev... that's what happens when you live in Wisconsin.

6. HOLIDAYS! Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season in our family. Once Thanksgiving's over, it's all about Christmas in this house baby! That means Christmas decor, some Frank Sinatra Christmas Collection music on repeat, and all things peppermint, hot chocolate, and balsam candles!
I need to slow myself down... and remind myself it's only November 3rd.
I get a little antsy for Christmas... if you can't tell.

7. DATE NIGHTS! Yup that's right. Not that date night's aren't important during any other month, but just recently my sister-in-law and I have decided to "swap" babysitting each month. Meaning, instead of paying a babysitter for each of us to get out for a date night with our hubby's once a month, we decided to watch each other's kids instead.. fo' free! (sorry, had to use the fo' free phrase there...couldn't resist). 
I highly recommend this!! We both love being able to spend the time with each other's kids, and it somehow holds us accountable to each other to make sure we are getting out, and spending time with our husbands! 
I feel like in the hustle and bustle of every day life, a date night gets pushed aside. But, it really is important to still take some time to yourself, get out and be KID-FREE for a few hours! 

8. Football. Go Pack Go! It's not fall without football... and in our house football means good food, a cold beer, and a comfy couch!

Hope your November is as cozy and warm as ours will be! 

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