Pregnancy - 22 weeks with baby #2

How far along: 22 weeks

Gender: BOY

Sleep: Sleeping really well! As long as I have my pillow between the legs! Makes such a difference with helping me get a good night's sleep!

Best moment this week: I started painting little baby boy's room!! (photos to come) I am SO excited to get his nursery put together!

Worst moment this week: We're closing on our old house this Friday, the 5th! Which is SO bittersweet... but it's been SO busy with getting everything out of there (all the little things we left behind from the "big" move a couple weeks ago) and then with doing a final cleaning... I feel like I'm about 9 months pregnant. HOLY low back pain and round ligament pain... This mama needs more relax-on-the-couch-time!!!!

Cravings: Banana Pancakes (guys, the seriousness of this craving is so bad... I want these every morning!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhh!)

Miss Anything: Wine. Reds Apple Ale. The amount of wine and Reds that would have been consumed by myself in this past month is a scary thought... after all of our crazy, hectic, sweaty, busy, run around, do this, do that, go back to finish this, then that... what I would give to finally come home at night, plop on the couch, and guzzle an overflowing bottle glass of wine... So maybe it's a good thing I'm pregnant and can't drink....

Looking forward to: Closing on our house and being done with all the crazy back and forth work between old house / new house. I'm also looking forward to getting back to work on the nursery... once my poor pregnant body is back into "get er done work mode"... which may be awhile...

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