October Living

A breath of cool, fresh air.
Beautiful bright red trees.
All things pumpkin and apple crisp.
Coffee and blankets.


Now that I have you fooled into thinking my fall is relaxing, beautiful and calm... let me dive into our present day life!

It consists of this:

A 1 year old who never, ever, ever sits still (unless Sesame St. is on), a husband who is always eager to get out in the woods and go hunting... and me, the mom who is not only chasing around the 1 year old, but tackling what seems like a million unfinished projects around the house. 

I have learned that a project that would have normally taken me a day to start and finish... now takes me about a month, due to the fact that I have a child who steals all of my time and energy. Working during nap time is a lot different than having an entire day to work with.
(and I'm not going to lie- some days instead of working during that 2-3 hour nap time... I kick my feet up and relax)

I'm still working on finishing up painting all of our upstairs doors and trim white, as well as updating all of the ugly old brass hardware that came with it... that is about 99% done.
See sneak-peak pics below :)


At the same time, I'm working on finishing up our playroom remodel- this is stealing the majority of my time and energy (it consisted of painting the walls, painting the trim, painting the doors, replacing carpet, new decor, and a DIY storage/entertainment center).

When I'm not working on one of those two things- I'm working on a DIY scrabble wall tile project for the playroom. 

As eager as I am to finish these projects- I most definitely make time to soak up the beautiful fall weather that has been gracing us lately here in Wisconsin! 
I think Gavin and I are outside almost every minute possible- because before you know it we are stuck in knee-deep snow, and below freezing temperatures (wait...why do I live here?!).

We're enjoying touring around all of the local farms and orchards...

I'm enjoying my beautiful front porch mums...

We're looking forward to Gavin's second Halloween- this year he has a costume ;)
As well as carving some pumpkins for the front porch!

I'm also going to be enjoying my 24th birthday here in a couple weeks! Another reason October is my favorite month :)

Here's hoping all of you are enjoying your October!

P.S... can't wait to share all of the FINISHED house projects with you!
...hopefully within the next few weeks!

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