Blackened Walleye

 It is truly as simple as that.

I wanted to try and use our recipe for our very own "blackened chicken"... but at the same time I wanted the traditional buttery-lemon, baked fish taste in there as well. So, without having ANY clue as to how it would turn out, I came up with a concoction to combine the two! 
Luckily, it turned out to be DELICIOUS!

This specific recipe paired great with some asparagus and parmesan couscous on the side!

I used 3 walleye fillets, and it was the first time I have used a ziplock bag for marinating...but it most definitely won't be my last! Wow, it made mixing the seasonings and the butter together SO much easier than trying to mix together a liquid and seasonings in a bowl... seasonings tend to clump up, and in the bag it was so easy to just mash it all together. 

I marinated the fillets just while the grill was heating up, so it's really a super fast, and simple recipe. We really rubbed the hardened marinade onto the fillets before grilling them, so that they would go on the grill and really soak up the extra flavor.

The great thing about this recipe, is it's versatile enough to try on any other type of fish, not just walleye.


See below for a typed out list of ingredients and instructions:


3-4 walleye filets
1/2 cup melted butter
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tsp cayenne
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1/8 tsp paprika
1 clove minced garlic


In a ziplock bag combine butter, lemon juice, spices and walleye fillets. Seal bag and mash all ingredients until combined well, and mixed together.

Marinate fillets for roughly 10 minutes, while grill heats up to medium-high heat.

Before putting fillets on the grill, rub each with the hardened marinade for extra flavor, while they grill.

Grill fillets for about 4 minutes each side. It is cooked through when the fillet flakes easily.

Simple as that.


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