The new year is always so exciting!
I get to see how many times I have to do this: 2015 2016...
(I hope I'm not alone in doing that until about March)
...and I also get to choose a few things I want to try and do differently this year!

So here are my simple & attainable 2016 "resolutions":

1. Eat fish dinners 2-3 times per week.
Aaron recently read in one of his nutrition books, to aim for a fish dinner 2-3 nights out of your week.
Um... ya, we were NOT doing that. Oops. 
We tend to eat chicken and beef A LOT... but forget about making fish a regular staple in our diet.
SO... we plan to up our fish intake!
...which means more of my FAVORITE homemade fish fry recipe, as well as attempting our hand at some new recipes we haven't tried yet! We actually made a blackened walleye recipe last night that was delicious!
Of course, as we go about this journey and find some new favorite fish recipes, I will share them with you here! :)

2. Make Healthy Sweets.
I have one heck of a sweet tooth. It's truly a nasty little bugger. When I crave something sweet, I NEED something sweet. I tend to forget we have literally hundreds of recipes for sweet treats, that are AMAZING, and really pretty simple to make! For example, my chocolate oatmeal cookie balls, that are NO BAKE, and I can make a batch in about 20 minutes, start to finish. Some of these recipes are SO simple, and it's so rewarding to fulfill my sweet tooth, with a HEALTHY sweet! Way better than ending up making a late night run to the Dairy Queen drive through... yes, guilty of that.

There you have it! I am not big into "resolutions"... as you can probably tell.
The resolutions I have every year are simple, attainable, and easy to stick with longer than the first few months of every year. ;)

HAPPY 2016!!!!!!

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