All About Pregnancy #2

Well, I'm at 31 weeks in this pregnancy.
It's been so fun comparing this pregnancy to my pregnancy with Gavin.
I absolutely LOVE being pregnant, it's such an amazing, miraculous, crazy 9 month journey...
So I decided to put together a fun post all about this pregnancy... so far!
So, here you go:

1. How Did You Find Out:

It was early for me to be taking a test, but I had like 50 of these super cheapie Wondfo pregnancy test strips... so 6 days before my expected period... I decided, why not. So I took one! I had just laid Gavin down for his afternoon nap, so it was like 1:15pm, and I went and took one. Left it on the counter for a few minutes expecting for nothing to show up, and when I came back, I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me, or if there was a super faint (and I mean, SUPER faint) line there.
See for yourself...

So, I tucked the strip back into it's package, and decided I would wait and take another Wondfo test the following day. I didn't tell Aaron I took one, because I knew he would look at that little test strip and say "Babe you're crazy, there is NOTHING there".
So the following morning around 10 am I took another Wondfo test...

Ok, this time, I kind of let myself freak out- because I was pretty sure THAT was a positive test line! I remember showing Aaron when he got home, and he actually saw the faint line too! His eyes kind of lit up, but we were both still a little hesitant, and didn't want to get too excited yet... especially because I was using super cheap tests that I'd never used before. So, we decided we'd go buy some of the First Response early result tests and I would take one that night!

That night around 7:15pm, I took the test and set it on the bathroom counter, jumped in the shower and decided I would just look at the result once I was done showering. So here's what was waiting for me when I got out of the shower:
I saw it right away.
Most definitely, A LINE!!!
So of course I yelled out to Aaron right away to come look at it!
He saw it too- so I knew I wasn't crazy! ;)
I was actually so excited, I texted my mom right away and sent her the picture! But told her not to tell anyone else!

Then the real fun began-
using up the rest of the First Response tests, and watching the positive test line progression!

2. Did You Have Morning Sickness?

I actually felt best in the mornings. But around week 5 or 6 nausea kicked in. It would start anywhere between mid morning to afternoon, and it was wicked. I would just constantly feel nauseous, and feel like I needed to puke. Nothing would sound good, but I knew I had to try and eat. I never actually threw up, not even once. Some days were better than others, and ginger tea with lemon was the only thing that would temporarily help my nausea.
Around week 9-10  the nausea was totally gone and I was feeling great!!
With my pregnancy with Gavin, I had "nighttime" nausea- from week 5/6 through week 12, every day like clockwork, from 4:00 until I went to bed I would feel really nauseous. I never threw up either with Gavin, but I constantly felt like I needed to in the evenings.

3. What Was Your Gender Guess?

Since my pregnancy sickness was so different this time around, I thought for sure it was going to be a girl. As I got closer to 20 weeks, when we would be having the gender scan... I started to feel like it was a boy. People would say, "It's totally a girl" and I would kind of start to respond with "Yeah, I'm not so sure anymore...". My gut instinct was right... ANOTHER BOY! Both Aaron and I were somewhat surprised, just because we expected it to be a girl based on the differences in early pregnancy with sickness and what not!

4. What Were Your Nursery Ideas/Inspiration?

I painted the nursery a light gray. We have off-white craftsman trim and doors in our house, which I LOVE. The contrast with the light gray and the white trim looks so crisp and clean. I never go with one particular theme, because I've never been much of a "theme" person. But my inspiration and the feel I'm going for in his room is a rustic, woodland, cozy, manly room! If that makes any sort of sense...

5. What Are The "BESTS" About This Pregnancy?

- feeling baby move

- feeling his hiccups... he gets them a few times a day

- I feel like I know a little more of what to expect this time around

- maternity clothes are fun this time around since I'm due in winter versus being due in August like I was with Gavin! I still think the summertime maternity clothes are best, because I pretty much lived in maxi dresses... and you can't really get any more comfy than that. BUT, fall maternity style is so cute, I still love it! And lets be real, all maternity clothes are pretty stretchy and comfortable!

6. What Are The "WORSTS" About This Pregnancy?

- my back got sore WAY earlier this time around than in my pregnancy with Gavin

- dealing with the early pregnancy nausea was tough this time around. I desperately wanted to slow down, lay on the couch, and relax.. but Gavin didn't miss a beat, or slow down at all! I didn't expect him to either! So I had to just deal with it, and still be Mom! It was tough, and some days were really, really hard. Thankfully Aaron is an awesome husband and Daddy, and he really stepped up and helped out!

- with this pregnancy I feel like I totally lost the ability to nap. Which super sucks. Gavin takes really good 2-3 hour naps every afternoon, and some days my eyes would just burn I was so tired, so I would lay down to try and nap... and I could NOT fall asleep! This past week I've been able to take some short naps during his nap time... but it's just weird, because I am usually a nap queen! I love taking naps, but pregnancy just threw off my nap game!!

- having a big ol belly has made playing with Gavin a little harder. There's a lot of times I want to get on the floor and play with him, and for a split second I think of laying down on my stomach, and then it's like "oh yea, duh, can't do that!" Swinging with him on my lap is not possible anymore, and hasn't been for a few weeks. Going to the park with him, and climbing through the tunnels after him is no longer an easy feat.

- the emotional and mental aspect of this pregnancy is SO different than with Gavin. With Gavin, I wasn't at all worried about life with a newborn. It was going to be Aaron, me and our new baby. Big deal. I mean, I knew life would be SO different, but Aaron and I KNEW that, we were expecting it. NOW... I think of how life will change for GAVIN. I know it will change for Aaron and I too, but I don't "worry" about how we'll handle it. I do tend to worry about how it will affect Gavin. I know it's a normal worry all mom's have at some point before welcoming a new baby, but it's hard to think about how much Gavin's life will change, and yet he has no clue what's coming! It doesn't take away from the excitement of having a new baby, but it's definitely an added aspect I think about often! (and how can you not?!)

So all in all, I've had one amazingly smooth pregnancy.
Thank you Lord!!!
I still pray every night for a smooth labor and delivery...
I'm SO excited to meet this little boy, and see how he decides to enter the world.
what will labor be like?
what will delivery be like?
what will life be like those first few weeks at home?
So many exciting things to look forward to!
I know it won't all be easy,
but I'm hoping and praying it's smooth sailing here on out!

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