Cranberry Cream Cheese Chicken

Cranberry Cream Cheese Grilled Chicken with Broccoli & Quinoa Brown Rice

Healthy, Simple, and FAST Recipe!

Ok this is one of our absolute FAVORITES!! Why?  Because it's super easy, super fast, and oh so good for you!  

Being a new mama, it's key for Aaron and I to have some fast and simple recipes, that we can make, eat, and be done with in time for Gavin's bath time at 7:15.  This is a recipe, that in total takes ... Oh maybe 20 minutes!  

We use all organic ingredients.  The chicken is cage-free, farm fresh.  

So here's what you need:

-Chicken breast (however many you need)
-Organic cream cheese
-Organic dried cranberries
-Organic broccoli
-Quinoa & Brown Rice


Grill the chicken.
While your chicken is on the grill, start making the quinoa brown rice (this time we chose to just try one from a bag. It's already pre-seasoned... and it was delicious! See exactly what we used below)  It's super fast- we just warmed it up in a pot on the stove--- took all of maybe 10 minutes!

Chop up your broccoli into bite size pieces (for this recipe we don't use the stems at all- in one of our other broccoli recipes we do! I'll share that one at some point!) We just steamed our broccoli- which takes only about 5-10 minutes!

Once the chicken is done, we top it with a little slice of cream cheese, and cover it with some dried cranberries! Over our steamed broccoli we put a little bit of butter- (we use organic unsalted) and we use a little bit of salt (we use sea salt)... those are the finishing touches! That's it! Super easy, and super delicious!!


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