Rustic Wood Chalkboard DIY

So my love for chalkboards has really grown... Everything I see now, I think "Oh my gosh- that could make an awesome chalkboard!" So yes, I wanted to make a rustic, "outdoorsy" chalkboard for my front porch! Why not, right?!

I bought this plank of wood, which still has really cool bark on the sides (as you can see in the pictures below) from Michaels for only a few dollars. (please ignore the fact that I did this project on an old cardboard box we had.. I don't have a "craft room" yet.. that's down the road for me.. so this box is my "craft box". Kind of sad, I know.

All I did was sand down the top part that I was going to apply the chalkboard paint onto... made it nice and smooth.  I used Martha Stewart chalkboard paint and put on 3 coats of it.  

I let it dry for 24 hours, and voila, there you go! As you can see below, it makes for a nice little welcome sign for my front porch! I might get creative and change it up for holidays, or seasons... we'll see.

1 comment on "Rustic Wood Chalkboard DIY"
  1. What a great gift idea cheap cute and functional!!


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