DIY Vaseline Distressed Crate

So I've become very "into" the distressed look for some furniture, or decorative pieces.  I think it adds some extra character to a space.  I'm also the type where if something that's NOT distressed, gets scratched or nicked, it drives me crazy :( So hey- if it's distressed- scratches only add more character, and they look like they belong there! Perfect, right!?
So I decided to go ahead and give it a go at creating my own distressed decorative piece.  I looked into the different distressing techniques, and decided to try the vaseline technique, simply because it seemed the most interesting to me! I wanted to see for myself how well it worked, and whether or not I liked how it turned out.  

Needless to say, I loved how it turned out, and it was so simple!!! 

So here's how I did it...

I don't have a very first BEFORE picture (sorry), but it was just a small and simple, light-colored wood crate that I bought from Michaels for maybe $5.  I painted it a dark brown, just with regular, good ol' acrylic paint and a small paint brush! I only used one coat, and it dried super fast. 

Next I just took a dab of vaseline and spread it on the places that I wanted to have the distressed effect.  Wherever you put the vaseline, the top layer of paint WILL NOT stick... so go easy on the vaseline, unless you want a very distressed look, then go at it!! (you can always go back and add more distressing just by sanding away your top layer of paint

Once I was done with the vaseline, I took my top layer of paint, which was a cream (I believe it was actually called "vanilla") and I just did one thicker coat of that color.  (it was also an acrylic paint)

I let the paint dry, and then took an old wash cloth and gently wiped all over the entire crate. Wherever the vaseline was, it wiped away, allowing the dark color to show through, giving me just the distressed look I was going for!

Take a peek at the finished product below!

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