Bathroom Remodel

From Blahhh to Ahhh :)

So I absolutely LOVE white trim. I think it looks so crisp & clean...and it obviously works with any paint color. When we moved in to our house- no white trim. Not in one room :( I painted all the trim in Gavin's room white- and we just couldn't believe what a difference it made! We loved it! 
(It's my goal to paint all of our trim white in our house, room by room!
So one day while I was home alone (also about 26 weeks pregnant), I decided I wanted to paint our bathroom trim and cabinet white! I had wanted to for so long, and I finally just decided to do it! It was a beautiful day outside- which was perfect! I could open the windows while I worked in the bathroom (to play it extra safe since I was pregnant, I still wore a little mask) and I could take the cabinet doors and paint them right outside in the sunshine on our deck! 

Here are some "before" pictures:

It was so simple! I decided to leave all the trim right in place on the walls, and like always I started by giving everything a super good sanding! The cabinet doors and drawers I took outside and sanded. Then, all I did was use some painters tape and taped around the trim (on the floor and on the wall...for my future projects, I will take some "during" pictures so you can see exactly how I did it). Basically, wherever I didn't want to get white paint, there was blue painters tape! :)

Using just a regular medium sized paint brush, I primed everything, and only used one coat of primer (since the wood was all lighter in color, I didn't need to use more than one coat of primer). Once the primer was dry, I gave everything about 3 coats of white paint (in between coats I would make sure the paint was good & dry).  The trim and the cabinet base were super easy and fast to paint- what took the longest amount of time were the cabinet doors & drawers..I was careful to make sure there weren't a ton of brush strokes all over it, and I made sure I painted with the grain of the wood!

I actually managed to do this all in one day... but it was an ENTIRE day of painting! ...needless to say...I spent literally the next week incredibly sore. Being pregnant, and having to contort my body in strange angles to paint all of the trim around the floor (behind the toilet, and areas under the cabinet...ugh) took a toll on my pregnant body! But, it was worth it!  

Here are the "after" pictures!

So now with Gavin's room done, and our one bathroom done... I only have about 7 other rooms to paint the trim white!!! ...oh boy! 
(that means plenty more remodel blog posts to come!)

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