10 Months as Mom

I finally feel like I've had this "mom" thing down for awhile now.

I'm used to protecting Harley the dog from a wild-child 10 month old who wants to pull on his ears and chew on his tail.

I'm used to having to speed vacuum because I have a baby chasing and climbing on the vacuum (he loves when I vacuum- super easy entertainment).

There's no more online shopping if Gavin's awake- because the computer is way too cool and Gavin can't resist pulling, pounding, and chewing on it.

I'm used to plans changing because of a teething, sassy baby.

I'm used to leaving birthday parties early for bath & bed time 
(for Gavin...not me.......).

I'm used catching only about half of the conversations I'm apart of because I'm too busy chasing down my 10 month old child who's about to eat the dead bug off the floor over there.

I'm also VERY used to no longer sitting still, because Gavin is way to busy exploring everything, everywhere.

I'm used to being tired every night by 9pm 8 pm 6pm.

Nap time is still like a sacred time to me. Peace. Quiet. Relaxation. I love it, and kind of dread when he goes down to 1 nap a day...(selfish, I know).

I've become a pro at pumping on the go. As in, in the back of my sister's minivan driving down the interstate on our girls trip to Stillwater, MN. Yup, that's right.

I recently realized I needed to stop pumping, because I have over 3,500 oz of breast milk stored in our deep freeze. . . and I'm still nursing Gavin & plan to until he's 1. 
(I feel like I represent the great state of Wisconsin well...me & the cows, we're milk producing freaks over here)

Spit up, dirty diapers, baby boogers, drool, being peed on- eh, what's the big deal? It's all in a days work now.

I still am slightly amazed that I can feel like I had a crazy busy day- but never even left the house. 
I guess multiple loads of laundry and a 10 month old baby can do that to you.

It's so much fun being Mom.
It's hard work and it's tiring most days, 
but there's nothing better than spending that time with your baby 
and catching all of those smiles & giggles.

I know I say this in probably every post regarding Gavin...
but the TIME FLIES!!

And maybe I'm just a huge sap compared to a lot of other moms-
but I find myself constantly thinking about how fast Gavin is growing up!
When I see older boys I picture that being Gavin some day- and oh my gosh, it kind of tears at my heart! (pathetically sappy, or normal mom brain??)

I love being a stay at home Mom, even if it means spending a lot of my days in sweats, no make up, hair on the top of my head, and chasing around a 10 month old child all day.
Not even going to lie-

I wouldn't change a thing.

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