It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later Facebook...

It's not goodbye, it's see you later.
That's how I currently feel about Facebook.

Why do I feel this way?

Here's why:

As soon as I'm not doing anything, or anything of real importance, I take the time to mindlessly scroll through Facebook.

When Gavin's napping, I'll scroll through Facebook.

When I'm relaxing, it usually involves scrolling through Facebook.

When I'm bored somewhere, I'm scrolling through Facebook.

When Aaron's driving, and I'm riding along, I'll quick scroll through Facebook.

When I do something fun, I post a picture to Facebook.

When I see something I think is cute, I post it to Facebook.


Every. Day.
I don't even know how many times a day.
Now, I definitely don't spend long scrolling through Facebook, I'm usually busy chasing around a 9 month old baby, but if I totaled up the amount of time I spend just "quick looking through Facebook" or posting something, I'm sure I'd be quite surprised.
As would most people, if I had to guess.

Yes, it's fun to stay in touch and up to date with friends and family who you don't see often.
It's fun to see when your family & friends are getting engaged, married, having babies...etc.
But I know I'm guilty of having way too many "friends" that honestly, sometimes I wonder-
"wait, who are you and why am I friends with you??"
And let's be real for a minute -
Do you really even care that much about what the majority of people you're "friends" with,
 are doing throughout their day...???
Out to eat, going to a movie, going for a walk, cleaning their house...and the list goes on forever. 
We're all guilty of posting things to Facebook, that a lot of people probably could care less about.

But we still feel the need to post it.

I'm also SO unbelievably sick of seeing Facebook arguments.
Everyone somehow becomes a highly educated Doctor when it comes to someone's kid being sick- but the advice one Facebook Dr. person gives, the next person attacks!
Or political viewpoints- we all know how those go.
Aren't we all aware that everyone is entitled to their own opinions?
Why waste your time arguing back and forth with someone you probably don't even know... you're most likely not going to change their mind (and isn't that usually clear after the first few initial exchanges- why drag it on for 47 comments??).
Let them post the article that reflects their beliefs, and if you don't agree with it,

It's petty things like this that just continued to get under my skin with Facebook.

But it got me to thinking-
for some reason I feel the need to check Facebook.
I feel the need to stay up to date with what's going on in the Facebook world.
I feel the need to update Facebook with photos and statuses of what I'm doing or cute things Gavin did.


Why do I feel like I NEED Facebook?
I've come to realize that Facebook is a huge time-stealer.

So, I decided to change that.

I'm not deleting my Facebook.
Let's be real- when you're sitting at the DMV waiting for an hour, Facebook seems to save your life.

But the numerous times I find myself on Facebook throughout the day- instead of getting something done around the house, or finishing that book I started reading 2 months ago...
ya, that's what I want to change.

No more starting my day by scrolling through Facebook if I wake up before Gavin does.
No more mindlessly scrolling through Facebook numerous times a day,
 "just because".

Facebook is still a great way to stay in touch with people,
so I've just decided to drastically cut down my "Facebook time".

As in, I try not to go onto Facebook at all.
If I do, it's only once, and it's right before I go to bed.
In fact, for the first time, in a long time,
I've gone full days (and nights) without getting on Facebook at all.
And guess what- it was awesome, and I didn't miss anything important!
Shocking right?!
I also managed to get more done around the house than I typically would in a day.

Everyone seems to live on their phones now.
We miss so much in life, because our faces are glued to our phone screens.
I'm sick of that.
I'm sick of feeling dependent on my phone, and of all things, Facebook.
I'm tired of the automatic "Gavin's doing something cute, post it to Facebook", "I'm doing something fun, post it to Facebook".

Over it.
Done with it.
Sick of the edited lives that fill my news feed.
(the "I'm so happy", "my life is perfect"... those lives... or should I say lies)

So here's to actually living in
& enjoying the real world,
not the Facebook world!
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