Baby Registry

What's more fun than being pregnant, going to Target, waddling around and scanning all of the adorable baby things you want!!
The scanner alone is pretty fun, not to mention all of the crazy cute baby clothes, toys... You know what I'm talking about. You're also in crazy nesting mode, so it just doesn't get better than registering for your baby shower!

It was exactly 1 year ago at this time that I was working on my own baby registry. That got me to thinking about all of things I registered for, and what I love the most, and what I haven't used once (yes, there are things that in Gavin's 9 months of life, I have not used once).

Out of curiosity, I logged into my Target account to see if my baby shower registry would still be there... and guess what... IT WAS!!
So, I've decided to do a fun post, including ALL of the things I registered for. 

I'll do my best to provide links to every product.
I'll tell you whether I think it's a "must have registry item", "good registry item", "decent registry item" or a "should've skipped" registry item!!
I'll also include some of things I wish I would have registered for, 
as well as what I would have changed about my registry (as in, don't register for 9 bottles, because your baby may not like them...first time mom mistake)!

Hopefully this helps other Mamas with their baby registries...
it's easy to get a little overwhelmed with all the cuteness and forget about the necessities!

Reminder: all of these products (& photos) are linked from Target...only because that's where I was registered.

Munchkin 3pk Waterproof Changing Pad Liners
*Should've Skipped.
Honestly, this is one of the products in my registry I have not used once. The thought behind them is a good one- but here's another truth- we never change Gavin on his actual changing pad anyway. We've always just changed him out in the living room. HA! So I have yet to use one of these liners.
I'd say skip this item, until after you have the baby. Then, if you think you'd like to have them, go buy them. It's an item you can easily do without!
*MUST HAVE Registry Item.
Obviously you need crib sheets, and a few different ones. Babies like to spit up, and in the beginning they really like to pee through their diapers, as well as poop all the way up their back. Register for a few crib sheets. :)
*Good Registry Item.
Another product you'll need if you're using a bassinet. Gavin slept in a bassinet next to our bed until he was 6 weeks old. Like I said before, in those early weeks babies are pro's at peeing and pooping on their sheets. Just expect to need a few different sheets.
*Should've Skipped.
As I said earlier, we are total slacker parents, and we just change Gavin out in our living room. We have yet to use the changing pad- which means we obviously could have skipped registering for the changing pad cover! ...But if you're a normal person, and you want to actually change your baby in their room at a changing station, then you'd probably want to register for these things.
*Good Registry Item.
This is a good registry item because newborns sleep A LOT. A baby chair of some sort is a good option, it's nice to have something that is portable, so baby can easily go wherever you need to go.
I used this chair a lot with Gavin (when he used to actually sit still).

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair - Diamond Ice
*Good Registry Item.
A high chair of some sort, whether it's a portable seat like we got, or an actual high chair, it's an item you'll eventually need, which is why I think it's a good item to include on your registry. If you don't get it, you'll have plenty of time to get one after baby arrives.
Eddie Bauer® 3-in-1 Comfort Baby Carrier - Black
*Good Registry Item.
This is another registry item I'm kind of on the fence about. I've used it a couple times- but not sure that we really get enough use out of it that it was worth getting. That being said- the nice thing is, if you get it as a shower present, you don't feel bad about not using it because you didn't spend the money on it (is that a really bad way to look at it???).  

Eddie Bauer® Home & Travel Playard - Meadowbrook
*MUST HAVE Registry Item.
This was definitely an item I'm glad we registered for. If you ever plan on traveling with your baby/toddler- a pack n' play is a must. They can be spend, so it's a good registry item for a few people to go in on together price-wise.

Graco Duo 2 in 1 Swing and Bouncer - Starburst
*MUST HAVE Registry item.
Babies love swings. Especially newborns- in fact I was always careful about letting Gavin sleep in them, because you always have Moms warning you that "your baby will get used to sleeping in their swing, and they won't sleep anywhere else". Never happened to me, but I was also careful about it! This specific swing is nice because you can take the actual chair part out of the swing, and it's a free standing baby chair that vibrates! Woo hoo! (there's so many cool things for babies now!)

Eddie Bauer® Endurance Jogging Stroller - Bolt
*MUST HAVE Registry Item.
Another pricier item, which means it's a good registry item! You always have family or friends that go in on the pricier items together... saving you from spending the money on it! We LOVE our Eddie Bauer stroller- the car seat snaps into it, so while they're still young and in their infant car seats you can use this stroller, and once their older they go in it without the car seat, just like a regular jogging stroller! HIGHLY recommend checking this stroller out.
(oh ya, the fact that it's a jogging stroller is because my husband loves to take Gavin for runs... he says it's great for running with!... I wouldn't know because I hate running!)
Baby Einstein Play Gym - Reef
*MUST HAVE Registry Item.
A play mat of some sort is a must have. We ended up not getting this specific play mat (for no specific reason, we just opted for a different one) but you will definitely need a play mat at some point for your baby! If I remember right, I think Gavin started enjoying his around 8 weeks old, the older he got, the more he loved his play mat!

Boppy Bare Naked Nursing Pillow - White
*MUST HAVE Registry Item.
If I had to choose ONE item that I would tell someone to register for, the Boppy Pillow would be it! I still use this pillow for every one of Gavin's feeding (breast feedings). You can also use it for laying younger babies in it, as well as when they're learning to sit, they can sit in it. REGISTER FOR THIS ITEM...or one like it!

Comfort & Harmony mombo Slipcover in Doodle Daze
*MUST HAVE Registry Item.
As I've already said numerous times in this post- babies like to spit up. The Boppy Pillow is not safe from it either. I only registered for one slip cover- but if I could go back I would register for two! That way when baby destroys the first cover, you can immediately take it off and put on the new, clean cover.

Munchkin Bottle & Nipple Brush
*MUST HAVE Registry Item.
I think everyone with a baby needs a bottle brush. I exclusively breast fed Gavin in the first few weeks, and even now (9 months old) he only gets 1 bottle a day, but I still used this bottle brush ALL the time in the beginning! If you plan to pump at all- you'll need this brush to clean out the pump bottles and parts! Register for this item, you're bound to use it.

The First Years Take & Toss Bowls (8 Oz)
*Should've Skipped.
This was an item I knew I wouldn't use until Gavin is older- but it was one I figured "well I'll use it eventually so I might as well register for it". There's nothing fancy about these bowls, and they're cheap, so it's a product I should not have registered for, and something that I should have waited on buying until Gavin would actually use them.

Munchkin 3pk Stay-Put Suction Bowls
*Good Registry Item.
These are the bowls that I use for Gavin's purees that I feed him. The suction bottom is a plus, but lets be real, if a baby wants to rip the bowl off of their high chair tray... They will... Or at least mine will.

Munchkin High Capacity Bottle Drying Rack
*MUST HAVE Registry Item.
Again, even if you don't plan to bottle feed, if you plan on pumping at all- a bottle drying rack is a must have. 

Philips Avent BPA Free Natural 9 Ounce Polypropylene Bottles, 3-Pack
9 oz Bottles (3-pack).
4 oz Bottles (3-pack).
*Should've Skipped.
I clumped these two together, because this was a total rookie-mom move. 
I remember before having Gavin, reading about how babies can be picky about what type of bottle/nipple they will like. I thought to myself "well, I'll just give Gavin the same bottle from the start, and since that's all he'll ever know, he'll like it".  Good plan, but not how it worked out.
For whatever reason, it's true, and some babies are just picky about their bottles.
My advice is if you have any friends or family with extra baby bottles lying around- ask to borrow one, and try and get a few different types. See which one your baby likes best, THEN go buy those specific bottles. Don't be stupid like me, and end up with 6+ bottles that you're baby won't eat from! 
Lesson Learned.

Ulubulu 2pk Pacifier 0-6MO & 6-18MO
*Should Have Skipped.
They were cute pacifiers so I thought I would register for them.
Not a horrible item to register for, but I also learned that my baby was not only picky about what bottle nipples he liked, but what kind of pacifiers he would actually take. 

Safety 1st Advanced Solutions No Touch Forehead Thermometer
*Good Registry Item.
This thermometer is handy, and we specifically registered for a no-touch thermometer just because it's the easiest, in our opinion. 

Image result for honest company logo
Honest Co. Baby Shampoo, Wipes, Diaper cream.
*Decent Registry Item.
This gets a "decent" because they're products you'll always use, maybe not specifically Honest Co., but baby soap, wipes, diaper creams (etc.) just in general. The reason I would maybe skip these items, is just to limit the amount of stuff on your registry.

Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers
Bath Numbers & Letters.
*Good Registry Item.
Babies and kids need things to play with during bath time right! Gavin has always loved chewing on his bath toys! You'll, well your baby, will get good use out of them, so why not register for them!

Gerber® Onesies® Newborn 5 Piece Essentials Pack - White 0-3 Months
Newborn and 3-6 month White Onesies.
*Good Registry Item.
I wouldn't limit this to specifically the "gerber white onesies", but just onesies in general. You really can't have too many... (yet that somehow is possible, because there were numerous clothes Gavin never wore once as a newborn...)

Just One You™Made by Carter's® Newborn Boys' Dinosaur 3 Piece Set 
Baby Clothes & Socks.
*Should Have Skipped.
People will buy your baby whatever little baby outfits they think are cute. Not necessarily just what you register for. You're going to get a ton of cute baby clothes whether you register for a million, or none. Everyone loves buying baby clothes- so don't worry if you don't register for them, you're bound to get some. If you do register for some- make sure you register for some larger sized clothes! Not just all newborn! (you may have a big, almost 10 lb baby, like I did- that won't fit in a single newborn outfit you had for him...)

Just One You™Made by Carter's® Newborn 2 Pack Gown Set - Iced Green NB
*Good Registry Item.
I LOVED having gavin sleep in little sleepers. They're usually long sleeve, with the open bottom, so it makes for super easy diaper changes in the middle of the night! (if you have no clue what I'm trying to describe, check out the link! They are by far the best newborn jammies!!) These were the only kind of jammies we used for Gavin while he was still waking up during the night, because it was so much easier and faster than the zip-up or snap jammies. Most of them also have the little mits on the end that you can fold over their hands so they don't scratch themselves.

Circo® Newborn Boys' 3 Pack Hooded Towels - Blue
*MUST HAVE Registry Item.
You're going to be giving your baby lots of baths, so a few different towels, as well as a handful of wash clothes is a must have (you're also bound to get a cute little baby robe as a gift- whether you register for it or not... they're too darn cute, people can't resist buying them!)

Just One You™Made by Carter's® Newborn Boys' 3 Pack Dinosaur Bib Set
*MUST HAVE Registry Item.
Your baby will eventually eat real food, or even become a crazy drooler, so bibs are a must have. You'll go through them faster than you think...babies are messy.

Gerber Newborn 5 Pack Prefold Heavy Weight Cloth Diapers - White
*MUST HAVE Registry Item.
 I made the mistake of registering for the cute, small, decorative burp cloths. Should have skipped right over those. I learned that real quick- the good ol' cloth diapers from Gerber, are the way to go! So much thicker, and larger, they actually protect your shoulder from massive spit ups. Save yourself the mess and get some good burp cloths! Don't think cute, think realistic.

Safety 1st Nail Clipper Fold-up - 2 Pack
Baby Nail Clippers.
*MUST HAVE Registry Item.
You're going to need little nail clippers. Gavin was born with nails that already needed to be trimmed! And those lucky little babies, their nails grow insanely fast! So you'll use these little clippers often!

There you have it!
That was my registry. It wasn't too bad- and there weren't too many items I wish I would have skipped!
Pretty impressed with myself actually!  ;)

Now, here are some things
I wish I would have registered for:

Image result for crane drop humidifier target
It's not something you think to register for, but if you're like us, and don't already have one- you'll need one eventually. We made it 9 months before Gavin's first cold, but having a humidifier in his room for him made SUCH a big difference! It helped him breathe easier, and I honestly credit it for helping him sleep so well through the night! Which is not common when poor little babies have colds. We use the Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier and we love it!
Image result for boon grass drying set target

Cuter Bottle Drying Rack.
A cute one like this Boon Grass Drying Set. Since it sits out on your counter top, why not get something that's actually cute to look at? I might have to get this for the next baby...just because it's cuter to look at. ;)
A Registry is Not Complete
Without These Essentials Either:
I already had these items, so I didn't need to register for them.
But since looking at baby stuff is fun, I found some options that I would have registered for if I needed to!
VTech Audio Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units - DM221-2
Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling 'n Seat Tub
A baby tub with a sling/net, is a MUST for when they're tiny, little newborns.
Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump On-The-Go Tote
This is the pump I use and I LOVE it. I use it every day still, and I have never had one problem with it. This pump has helped me fill my deep freeze FULL of breastmilk for Gavin! If you want to know how I accomplished that crazy feat, check it out here.
MyBaby by Homedics SoundSpa - Portable
This is the sound machine we use. We love it and don't have one complaint!
Brica Baby In-Sight Magical Firefly Mirror
This is the mirror we have. The fact that it comes with a remote was the selling point for us. It's so handy to just turn it on, and also adjust the volume with a remote!
For my must have pregnancy & monthly baby items,
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