PREGNANCY - 10 Weeks with Baby #2

How far along: 10 weeks

Gender: won't know until 20 weeks

Weight gain: None yet ...and won't know until our next doctor appointment because I DO NOT weight myself at home. I really don't worry about weight, I try to stay active and eat healthy, and I don't worry about the number on the scale!

Maternity clothes: My belly popped so early this time around! By 8 weeks my stomach was popping out enough that my regular jeans were no longer an option. I slightly feared twins!!... I resorted to either sweat pants, my one pair of maternity leggings, or yoga pants (which were all fine by me) ;) I have SO missed maternity clothes! Sooooo comfy! I haven't busted out the maternity shirts yet, because I have enough flowy tops that should get me through for awhile.

Sleep: Sleep during this first trimester hasn't been so great - but most of that can be attributed to the big brother Gavin, who reverted back to being a not so great sleeper. I find that throughout the night my low back gets sore, so I've already been using a big ol' pillow propped in-between my legs, and that seems to help.

Best moment so far: Our first doctor appointment (at 9 weeks) and that first ultrasound! I LOVE all of our baby appointments! It's always so crazy to see this tiny little baby in there on that ultrasound screen for the first time! In the first trimester it's so weird for me, because besides the nausea, it just doesn't seem like I'm pregnant. You're belly seems mostly just bloated, and you don't feel any baby movements, so it just never seems very real until that first appointment. To finally see that itsy-bitsy baby in there, it's such a wonderful, exciting feeling! OH, and of course, hearing that little heart beat - literally nothing better than that sound.

Worst moment so far: Overall just the nausea. It kicked in around week 5, and would start around 1-2pm every day. Then at about week 6 it would hit me by mid-morning every day. I would feel so nauseous, I constantly felt like I had to puke- but I never actually did. I would have to force myself to eat, even just tiny snacks like crackers. Breakfasts were my main source of nutrition for those few weeks!! By week 8, I noticed my nausea would come and go...I would feel good for a couple days, and then the next few days would be HORRIBLE, then I would feel good again for a couple days, and then the nausea would come back worse than ever! That nasty little cycle lasted about 2 weeks. Then by week 10, I noticed I would feel really good throughout the day, I could eat normal and there was really no nausea, but then it would usually hit me after dinner, around 7ish. 

Miss anything: I miss Gavin being able to crawl all over me, rough house and wrestle, and not having to worry about it! Now I'm so careful when he's climbing on me, because I'm so protective of the little baby bump! 

Cravings: I haven't had any real crazy cravings, it's been more like only one thing will sound good for a meal. From about weeks 5-7 the only thing that ever sounded good was Panera Bread's chicken caesar salad and creamy chicken wild rice soup. I don't even want to know how many times we ordered take out from them throughout that time-frame ... I crave salads a lot. 

Aversions: From about week 5-8, I could not drink plain water, which is crazy for me, because I usually drink so much water every day! Just all of a sudden I couldn't drink just water, I had to mix fruit in it. Around week 8 that went away, and I could drink plain water just fine (so weird). The one thing that almost makes me sick to even think about, is bacon. Even turkey bacon, which I like better than regular bacon, I just can't do it anymore... even the smell makes me feel sick. I've noticed meats, like chicken and beef just doesn't usually sound good to me, which is so crazy because we usually eat chicken at least 3-4 times a week! So it's been hard trying to have a healthy, well balanced diet when the normal things we eat, just won't sound good. 

Sickness: Since I already explained most of that above, I'll compare this pregnancy to when I was pregnant with Gavin. With Gavin, from 6-12 weeks I was nauseous every day like clockwork from 4pm until I went to bed. I would feel so nauseous, I constantly felt like I would have to throw up, but I never actually did. At week 12, I felt good for 3 days, so I was all happy thinking that the sickness was over...then it hit me again, for about 4 days, and by week 13 it went away and stayed away!! Woo Hoo! This time around, I was sick a lot more during the day than I was with Gavin. I've also noticed my sickness started to ease up around week 9, and was totally gone around week 10.

Looking forward to: Our next doctor appointment and hearing the heartbeat... it never gets old and I'm always anxiously awaiting our next baby appointment :)
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