Surviving the First Trimester

surviving the first trimester and no more morning sickness
Ahhhh, the joy of finding out your pregnant!
So exciting and blissful.... 
until a few weeks later when you're constantly on the verge of puking your brains out.

This time around, the first trimester was SO different than my pregnancy with Gavin.
Unfortunately, I seemed to be more nauseous this time around, but it also went away faster than it did when I was pregnant with Gavin. So not sure if this time around was really better or worse in the long run...

With this pregnancy, from about week 5, until week 10 I was nauseous almost all day. Nausea kicked in around mid-morning and lasted until I went to bed. Sometimes I would even wake up in the middle of the night and feel sick. I never actually threw up (yay!) but I also spent almost the entire day feeling like I needed to... (yuck). 

Pregnancy sickness is hard enough on it's own,
but now when you have to add a toddler to the mix, it makes it that much harder to deal with.

So, I figured I would share with you some of the things I found to be helpful this time around through my first trimester!

1. Small, healthy snacks. 
Sometimes easier said than done, I know. BUT, it was so hard for me to eat when I was feeling sick. I knew I needed to, but it was so hard to find anything that sounded good, and if I ate too big of a meal, I would feel 10x worse. At the same time, if I let myself get too hungry, that only made the nausea worse too! I realized I needed to stick to small snack foods throughout the day, which for me was usually crackers, fruit, and veggies. Then at mealtimes, I could eat whatever amount was most comfortable.

2. Stay hydrated.
This first trimester was weird for me, in the sense that even water didn't sound good. I usually drink tons of water of every day, but all of a sudden water sounded awful. I knew I still needed it, so I would add fruit to give it a different flavor, which worked for me. I also found that Bai drinks were a total life saver! On some days when I could hardly even eat crackers, I could at least drink a Bai, that had flavor and kept me hydrated! Blueberry was my favorite during those tough weeks.

3. Ginger tea with lemon.
This one takes the cake for best nausea remedy for me!
WOW. I was kind of amazed it worked as well as it did. 
I bought some organic ginger tea, not knowing how it would taste, as I've never had it before!
So I went home right away, got myself a nice toasty cup of tea... took a sip, and YUCK! 
This stuff tasted awful, in my opinion. 
So I added some honey... that didn't really help.
I made myself choke it down, and what do ya know, it helped my nausea! I felt so much better!
So the next time around, I made my tea, and this time, I added a couple lemon slices.
SOOOO MUCH BETTER! (again, in my opinion)
And again, it helped my nausea so much! I could tell a huge difference after drinking a glass of this tea! I still was never a huge fan of the taste, but it really would seem to help me feel better.

4. Relax.
This one is probably the hardest, when you have a toddler at home with you all day.
My "relax" time, was basically nap time, and after Gavin went to I wasn't left with much time to "relax".
But, when I could find the time, I took advantage of it, because it was SO necessary.
Instead of spending nap time doing laundry, cleaning, and doing things that I typically can't do while Gavin's awake... I took total advantage of those 2-3 hours where I could kick my feet up and close my eyes. 
It was so needed, and such a lifesaver on some days.

I know it's a short list, but these are the things that I really noticed help me get through!
Here's hoping this helps a mama out there struggling with that dreaded first trimester nausea!!!

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