PREGNANCY - 12 Weeks with baby #2

How far along: 12 weeks

Gender: ????

Weight gain: Won't know until next doctor appointment... I don't have a scale at home! But holy ****, my belly popped so early!!! I seriously was not this big with Gavin until like 16-17 weeks! I can't even suck it in anymore- so there's just no more hiding this thing unless I can find some super loose, flowy tops!

Sleep: This past week has been weird... I've had super vivid dreams, 3 or 4 a night, and I wake up after each one. It's super random... not sure if I can blame it on hormones or not, but either way it's strange, and I haven't been sleeping as good as I had been the past couple weeks.  

Looking forward to: FINALLY TELLING EVERYONE!!!! My next doctor appointment is in one week, so we're waiting until after that appointment to tell everyone. :)
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