7 Things I Miss About Pregnancy

I LOVED being pregnant. It was the most exciting, anxious, and beautiful 9 months of my life. 
I experienced very little sickness (I had some night-time sickness up until week 12) and had no complications. The one thing I could have done without was the low back pain I had for the last couple months. Other than that, absolutely no complaints!

So here are the 7 Things I Miss About Pregnancy

1. Feeling those baby movements. 
I remember when I very first felt Gavin, I was around 17 weeks pregnant. It was just little twitches, or so it felt like (I'm sure he was in there doing big ol' acrobatics, but to me it was just faint little twitches). Then I wouldn't feel anything again for a couple days, and I'd get so worried thinking, "oh my gosh, why haven't I felt the baby moving...is everything ok in there...". Then randomly I'd feel him moving all around in there, and ahhhhh, sigh of relief. 
I absolutely loved it when we hit the point where he was big enough that I could feel his kicks and punches just with my hand on my belly, or Aaron could feel it. If you asked Aaron, he would say I literally ALWAYS had my hand on my stomach because I LOVED feeling Gavin kick! 
One of my favorite movements was when Gavin would either take his elbow or knee, and slide it all the way across my belly, from one side, all the way to other! You could actually SEE it sliding across my stomach! I loved that! 

2. Baby Hiccups. 
There was nothing more adorable than when you're pregnant, and you feel your baby hiccuping. I feel like Gavin had the hiccups ALL the time towards the end of my pregnancy. I remember he had them at least two, three times a day! Whenever he would get them, if I was with anyone else, I would make them feel my belly so they could feel it! It was just so darn cute :)

3. Always Having Baby With You.
There's something to be said about that feeling of never being "alone" when you're pregnant. Maybe I'm weird, and it was just me, but when I was pregnant, it was just this feeling of... I was never totally alone. 
I actually don't even know how to describe it...maybe for me it was a more prevalent feeling because I always talked to myself out loud, and to Gavin in there. It usually went something like "I would like to feel you kick please...so feel free to wake up and jump around a bit", or "Today we're going to go lay out in the sun...yippee!", and whenever I filled up my water bottle at the fridge I'd see Gavin's ultrasound picture hanging there, so I'd always say "You're so cute, I can't wait to meet you!!". And now that I'm trying to use specific examples of talking to myself out loud, I'm realizing I really do it a lot....

4. Eating Huge Meals, and Not Having to Suck it in Afterwords.
I can remember around 20 weeks when I had a noticeable, but still little, baby bump. We were out to eat at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in town, and I ate a good amount massive amount of food (the chips and salsa get me every time). I remember feeling full, and putting my hand on my stomach...and it was a firm baby bump, not just a overly full, fajita-filled stomach. Oh my gosh, how awesome- I can leave a restaurant feeling oh so full, but when I get up everyone sees a cute baby bump, not just my overly, full-of-food stomach! 
No body knows the real reason I'm wobbling is because I feel so full I can hardly walk- they think it's because of the adorable baby belly I have, and everyone smiles at you and thinks "aw, cute, she's pregnant", and I think "oh Lord, I'm so full it hurts, please help me make it to the car"

5.  Maternity Clothes.
Maternity clothes are just awesome. They're stretchy and grow with you... these are the only clothes that do that. All of my other jeans never grew with me when I put on a few extra pounds...regular jeans just decide they aren't going to go up past your thighs when you gain a little extra winter-time weight. Maternity clothes never make you feel bad about gaining 40lbs in a 9 month period though. Instead, they just get cuter as your belly gets bigger (well, some, not all...shop carefully). I miss the elastic waist bands, that allow you to eat all you want and not have to unbutton your jeans. It was a sad day when I packed away all of my maternity clothes. 

6. Actually Miss Going to the Doctor.
My baby appointments could not come fast enough!!! I remember in the beginning when we would only go once a month, and time went by sooooo slowwwwww. I couldn't get in there fast enough! I wanted to hear his little heart beat, I wanted to talk about what to expect next, and the exciting things that happened in the previous month! Then finally, we were able to go every other week- that went by  a little faster... the appointments were even a little more exciting. You get your belly measured, you hear the heartbeat.... then finally, you get to go every week! I LOVED this! Even though eventually you cover everything, and the appointments are nothing new, I was still just as excited, if not more, to go! Maybe it's just me... but I actually missed my weekly doctor visits.

7. Pregnancy in General.
I just miss being pregnant I guess! It was fun, exciting, I loved my baby bump, I loved buying cute, new maternity clothes, I loved the excitement about meeting this new little baby, I really just loved it all.   It makes me very excited about my future pregnancies.....but not for a while!!!
I'm good with just Gavin man for now
Yes, even at 40 weeks pregnant I was still in
my bikini, laying poolside. 

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