Living/Kitchen/Dining Room Makeover Sneak Peak!

So I mentioned (what seems like forever ago) that we had a lot going on this Spring! 
And wow, have we been busy!!!!
We replaced our roof, air conditioner, furnace, and water heater all within about a week or two!
And now I'm finally about done with my living/kitchen/dining room makeover!

It's taking me longer than I thought (surprise,surprise) but, we're finally SO close to being done!!!
I wanted to share some pictures because we're so excited we're almost done with it!!

Here's everything we've done in this makeover project:

Tore out living room carpet, replaced with laminate wood
Ripped out old fireplace to open up our living room more
Changed up living room layout
Repainted living room, kitchen, and dining room
....and last but definitely not least....
Repainted all trim white (what a freaking project that is in ITSELF!)

Ok, so here are some sneak peak pictures!
Dining room window BEFORE....Aaron hates
painting, but he was willing to help me prep for
painting ;)
Dining room window AFTER!!!
Loving this white trim!!!
And a "makeover" wouldn't be complete without
some new decor!

Flooring and living room rug
I'm going to try using these old closet doors
as a fun new decor piece!
(we'll see if I like

We are definitely in the home stretch now! 
We just have a little bit of painting left!
We're getting close (thank God)!!

2 comments on "Living/Kitchen/Dining Room Makeover Sneak Peak!"
  1. Holy Smoke Rachel! It looks great!

    1. Thanks!! :) It's taking way longer than I thought....working mostly only during Gavin's naps doesn't leave me with much time to get stuff done ;) haha


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