A Day In My Shoes (with 7 1/2 month Gavin)

I always enjoy talking to other moms about their "schedules" with their baby.
Especially mom's who stay at home, and have babies that are around Gavin's age. It gives me ideas, and more than anything reassures me that I'm not the only one with an ever-changing day to day life.

So here's my typical (most definitely not set in stone) day with 7 1/2 month old Gavin!

We start our day around 7am (give or take 30 mins). It starts with Gavin chatting to himself and making super adorable high pitch squeals, a pretty cute way to start the day. Aaron gets up and warms up the bottle, I get up and toss my hair up, as to not scare Gavin when I go in and get him (I could be voted best ...or scariest... bed-head hair, hands down). 
I love going in and getting Gavin from his crib in the mornings, because he's always SO excited to see you! He just kicks his legs and flails his arms like crazy, it's the cutest thing in the world!

Gavin gets a bottle (breast milk) from Dad, while I pump. Never thought I'd still be pumping 7 1/2 months down the road, but I'm slowly starting to dwindle down on my pumping. We have more than enough milk saved up for Gavin, and I'm really enjoying pumping less & less! So that part of the morning routine will hopefully be gone somewhat soon. Gavin is a stinker, and doesn't particularly enjoy eating from bottles (we call him a "boob snob") so he usually only eats 2, maybe 3-4 ounces if we're lucky.

Gavin plays either on the floor with his toys, or in his exersaucer while I make my own breakfast (which 9 times out of 10, is oatmeal) and then after I eat, I give Gavin his oatmeal. Gavin goes down for his morning nap anytime between 9-9:30 usually. We have a super cute tradition of making my morning coffee together, right before I go lay him down. He loves "helping" me close the Keurig lid, and watching the coffee brew

During his morning nap I usually clean up the dishes from that morning, then I go sit down and enjoy my coffee! This is my time. I usually read, or if I have something to blog about, this is usually when I do it. The morning nap time is when I focus on me, just relaxing and enjoying the quiet, mid morning time!

Gavin wakes up usually around 10:15-11:00, he eats and then we play! A couple days out of the week I go workout while Aaron is home with Gavin during this time. "Play" means playing with the bazillion toys Gavin has, playing in his exersaucer, and if it's nice outside I try to do as much as we can outside! Even if it just means me carrying him around the yard, looking at my landscaping starting to bud (yay Spring!!)!

His next nap is somewhere around 1-2, and usually during this nap time I actually get stuff done. ;)
Whatever needs to be done around the house- laundry, dishes, cleaning up, lately it's been doing whatever little projects need to be done for our living/kitchen/dining room makeover! Once I'm done with that, if Gavin's still sleeping I sit down, put my feet up and enjoy the peace & quiet! He usually sleeps about 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

Once he's up, he eats, and again- we play! This is when I try and go out with him- if we need to run any errands, or if it's nice outside we go to a park, or a lot of times I'll take him out to my parent's house and he swings on their play set and we go for little four-wheeler rides around the yard (he LOVES this).
He usually takes a cat nap around 5, and it usually only lasts about 30-45 minutes. This is when I try to get dinner started. Some days he skips this nap, so making dinner gets a little trickier.

The last couple hours before his bath & bed time can sometimes be tricky. Depending on how his schedule has played out throughout the day, sometimes he eats around 6-6:30, sometimes he wont eat until right before bed. Some evenings he's super content, others you'd think he should just go to bed at 6:00pm! So some nights it can get a little tricky with trying to keep him distracted and happy! For the most part he does good, but sometimes he needs to be walked around the house on Aaron's shoulders (this usually does the trick!). Once it's a little warmer- I'm guessing we'll take frequent evening walks around the neighborhood.

Bath time is between 7-7:30...we try to shoot for 7:15 most nights. This is, I swear, Gavin's favorite time of the day! This kid LOVES his baths! He plays with all his bath toys, kicks and splashes! After bath time, I feed him one last time and it's off to bed for our little man. He's usually tucked in and sleeping by 8:00! He goes to sleep GREAT! Some nights he falls asleep while I'm feeding him, sometimes he's still awake and we lay him in his crib and he just goes right to sleep!

Our daily "schedule" changes day to day. I don't have strict, exact times for everything. So having flexibility with our daily schedule has been key for us (something I had to get used to, because I love a set routine with exact times...).

*Other schedule tid-bits:

 -Gavin gets solid food 3 times per day.
Blueberries are quite yummy....
but also quite messy!

-He gets a total of 4, some days 5, (breast milk) feedings per day (all depends on how his schedule plays out).

-For the past almost 2 weeks, he's been waking up once during the night. We're not sure if it's from teething or a growth spurt (or who knows what), but he would not go to sleep unless I fed him! As soon as I fed him, we would lay him down, and he would go right back to sleep without making a peep... Hopefully this doesn't last too much longer, because we really enjoyed sleeping uninterrupted through the night!

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