8 Months as Mom

What I've Learned. What I've struggled with. 

What I've loved. What I've lost. What I've gained.

I love doing posts like this because I love to reflect, and I love being honest and sharing my journey as a new mom. 

What have I learned in these first 8 months as a brand new mom? The question should be, what HAVEN'T I learned. I've learned a lot about babies, pureed foods, breast milk, baby products, the baby section at Target, teething, car seats, baby toys, breast pumps and diapers. 
I've also learned to be flexible with my schedule, and let Gavin lead the way with it. 
I've learned a fussy baby may end your outings earlier than you anticipated.
I've learned just how much work it is to be Mom.

What I struggled with most was flexibility within my schedule. For whatever reason, this was the hardest thing for me to adjust to. No matter how hard I would try to mold Gavin into an ideal schedule that worked good for me, once I relaxed a bit and let Gavin ease himself into a schedule, my life was so much easier! I'm a creature of habit, I love a routine, a schedule...so when I had a baby that TOTALLY took over all control of my day to day schedule- that was a HUGE adjustment. 
In the first couple months I remember stressing myself out about this new role as a stay at home mom. Being a stay at home mom, you never really get a break. My "break" is when Aaron gets home at night, and he's just around to help. I don't get to leave the house for the rest of the night and have a "real break", I'm still working on dinner, bath time, bed time feeding, and cleaning up the million baby toys scattered over my living room. But now that I've gotten used to this new way of life, I don't want it any other way. I love spending every day, and every minute with my little Gavin. But it definitely took some adjusting and getting used to at first.

What I've loved most about these first 8 months is watching Gavin grow. Wow, they grow so fast. Having 3 nieces and 2 nephews that I get to see at least a couple times (usually more often) a week, I knew how fast that newborn stage flies by. I remember when we were giving Gavin a bath, and he was only about 2 weeks old, I told Aaron, We have to soak up every minute of him at this stage, because we'll blink and it'll be over. So true. I am SO glad I was aware of how fast time flies when they're this young, because I've been able to really soak up every minute with him. I already get emotional when I think of how fast he's growing up!!! (I'm such a sap). 

What I've lost within these 8 months is the majority of my freedom. Funny, but true. Before Gavin, I could pick up and leave whenever I wanted. Want to go out for breakfast at 9:30am?, sure! Now...9:30 is usually nap time, and this mama knows her baby needs his naps. Spontaneous day trip to Woodbury to shop and eat at Outback?- sure! Now...ummmm, not so much. 

Even though I've lost a good chunk of my freedom since having my sweet little Gavin man, 
What I've gained since having him is far more than I ever imagined. 
The love I have for that little boy is absolutely out of this world. I'd do anything for him. 
The way he makes me smile, and laugh through out the day is priceless.
I spend every day, and almost every minute of every day with this little boy- and I wouldn't change that for the world! 
I've gained a whole new appreciation for my own mom- you don't realize how much work kids are until you have your own!!!
I've gained a whole lot more patience since having Gavin. 
I've gained a whole new outlook on life.
I have never been happier!

"A baby is a little bit of heaven on earth"
-author unknown (but they got it right).

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