Burlap Birthday Banner!

So in my family we have a lot of birthday traditions.
One of my favorites was the "Birthday Banner" (besides the obvious...presents & cake).
Every year our Dad would make us a birthday banner that would say "Happy Birthday Rachel", and however old you were turning. But, to make it a little more special, he wouldn't make it until you went to bed on the night before you're birthday- so you wouldn't see it until the morning of your birthday when you woke up.

I always knew this was a fun tradition that I wanted to pass on to my own kids.
As crazy as it seems, the time has come!! 
Gavin's first birthday is coming up soon- so I decided to take the birthday banner tradition, 
but step it up a notch. 

I decided to make a burlap birthday banner.

I decided on doing this because then instead of making a new birthday banner every year, I can just pull this banner out, and hang it up, ready to go!! ;) 
...my dad told me that either makes me lazy or smart... I opted for smart.
He also proceeded to tell me "that's why they say to give the laziest man the hardest job, because he'll find the easiest way to get it done". 


Here's How I Did It:

You'll need burlap, twine, scissors, a black sharpie, regular stapler, ruler, and your letters printed out (on regular paper) in the size you want them on your banner.

I used this roll of burlap- because it was already the perfect size for the banner pieces. It was about 5 inches wide, and I cut the banner pieces to be 7 inches long. This just made it easier than having to cut out all the banner rectangles from a larger piece of burlap. 
I also used white "twine".

Like I said, all I needed to do was cut the length that I wanted the banner pieces to be. 
Which I chose to be 7 inches long.

Surprisingly, YES, you can see the letter through the burlap. 
Once you have the outline of your letter traced- color it in with the Sharpie.

As you can see in the picture above- the staples do not standout.
I wanted to take a close up picture so you can see, I used 4 staples along the top, and even in a close up picture, the staples are hard to see! 
From further away- you can't see them one bit.
If you want to be super discreet- and don't want to use staples, hot glue is always an option.

So there you have it!
 I obviously also made a banner that said "BIRTHDAY" and I chose to make one that also said "GAVIN". Obviously you wouldn't need your child's name, but I wanted to :)

The banners turned out great!!!
They were surprisingly easy and fast to make too! So it was a perfect project to do during nap time ;)
Other cute burlap banner ideas could be:
Seasonal banners ("spring", "summer", "fall", "winter")
Meaningful word banners ("love", "family", "laugh"...etc.)
Other party banners (wedding showers-"bride to be"...etc.)
Save the Date pictures- with the date on the banner.
Announcing newborn baby's name photo - with baby's name on the banner.
There are all kinds of other super cute burlap banner ideas! Be creative!

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