Some Springtime Favorites!

Favorite Meals

For us Parents:

This was a recipe my husband came up with all on his own! He has a knack for doing that (a quality in him that I love!). This is one that I definitely plan on making again soon, and sharing with you! In short, it's cod battered in egg, breadcrumbs, garlic salt, thyme, salt and pepper, and "fried" in a pan with some coconut oil! So delicious and Summery, as well as fast and easy!! 

For Gavin (8ish months old):

Banana & Avocado puree 
I mix 1oz of banana puree and 1oz of avocado puree together... simply delicious. Sometimes I'll add a little plain, full fat yogurt to this as well- yumm!!

Banana or Blueberry Yogurt 
I mix roughly 1oz of banana or blueberry (or both would be yummy) puree with about 1oz of plain, full fat yogurt. 

Banana Oatmeal
1oz Banana puree, mixed with 1oz cooked oatmeal.

Favorite Activities

Trips to the park!
Luckily, we live in a city with numerous fun parks to go explore! If it's a sunny warm day out, then we're outside as much as possible! 

We love getting out to the park, laying out a blanket and enjoying the sunshine! Gavin keeps himself entertained by playing with my water bottle, or the grass (sounds like a blast right...). Gavin really loves being outside, and so do we, so it's something we do as much as possible!
"Dad smile for the camera while I quick
try and eat this grass while you're not looking"

Going For Runs
I really hate running (to be honest), but Aaron loves it and Gavin seems to enjoy tagging along for the ride as well! We have an awesome Eddie Bauer jogging stroller, and Aaron says it works great! Gavin seems to love it too :) 

 Favorite Products

It's finally that time of year again, and nobody enjoys sun burns!

This one's for mama!! I LOVE this and I use it numerous times, EVERY single day on my face! It's $28 for the bottle, and I swear it seems like the bottle lasts forever! Mine has honestly lasted over at least 4 months, and I still have probably 1/4 of the bottle left! It really keeps your skin feeling fresh and clean, which is extra nice as we approach the sticky, sweaty Summer months!

I love all things Honest Company. I have yet to try one product that I'm not happy with!
I am super picky with my soaps I use in the shower- it's hard to find good, organic/natural bar soaps that still have a good, bubbly, lather! Maybe that's not important to you, but for me it's a must! I use the lavender scent, and love it!! (there's nothing better than taking that before-bed shower after a long summer day spent outside, and the lavender soap is just an added, relaxing bonus!)

Other Favorites

Watching everything come back to life! I'm such a nerd, but now that we've been homeowners for awhile, I get SO excited every spring when I see my plants in our landscaping starting to bud! I think it's just the reassurance of "ok, I can keep plants alive....I can do this!". It's fun to just to go for walks, and it seems like almost every day you can tell a difference in the trees and the grass.... greener, more full! Spring is fun :)

So far, every spring at our house we have had baby bunnies in our backyard! They live underneath our little back yard shed and come out and adorably hop around our yard. Our "mama bunny" as we like to call her, is super spoiled, and we feed her our leftover broccoli and cauliflower stems, carrots, lettuce...etc. It's so adorable to watch the little bunnies out in our yard! But there are two downsides to this adorable scene.... 
1: Harley the dog loves to try and catch them. 
Which means when he does(which is rare), I go running and screaming into our backyard and have to become the bunny rescuer (and I always hope our neighbors aren't watching...). He's never hurt one, he just catches them with his paw, and just holds them there...I think he's unsure what to do with them. Which is good I guess? But, it still always scares the sh*t out of me and we have to keep a super close eye on Harley every time we let him outside.
2: Crows. 
I hate these I just said before, I'm a huge animal lover, but this is an animal I truly despise. Rewind to about exactly one year ago, it was late spring, I was probably about 7 months pregnant (emotional & hormonal) and I witnessed a crow carry off an ALIVE baby bunny from the neighbor's yard... (It wasn't one of ours). But, it was the worst thing I had ever seen, especially because I was just outside, enjoying the cool morning, watering my landscaping, thinking "ahhh what a beautiful way to start the day..." and then that happened across the street. Horrible, and totally ruined my day. I ran inside and told Aaron, and he assured me that "the crow dropped it and it got away". I tell myself the same thing.... But I'm still haunted by it every Spring, and if my baby bunnies are out in the yard, I literally stand guard ready to chase off any crow that dares to steal one of my bunnies! (I totally sound like a crazy lady, but I'm not going to delete of any this because it's totally true).

My last springtime favorite, is having fresh flowers on our kitchen table! Nothing says Spring or Summer like fresh flowers!

Happy Spring!!!

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