Distressed Planter Box

The finished product... well minus the plants.
I'm still deciding if I'm going to use it as an actual PLANTER, or put
a few mason jars in it and use them as vases for flowers.
(I can already picture it overflowing with deliciously smelling lilacs and hydrangeas!!)
This project took a grand total of about 20 minutes- including the drying times (that's why I LOVE using acrylic paints- super fast drying!)!

What You Need: 

Unfinished crate (I got mine from Michaels for about $5.00)
2 Acrylic paint colors- distressing color & top coat color
Paint brush
Sand paper

What To Do:

1. Using your distressing color (I used a dark brown) paint a thin coat all over the crate. This coat of paint does not need to be perfect! You'll be covering it with your top coat color. Let dry.

2. Using your top coat color, paint a thin-to-medium layer over your distressed color. Again, this layer doesn't need to be perfect either. I left mine thin enough that the dark color showed through quite a bit. This way, I had less sanding/distressing to do!

3. Sand & distress to your liking. :)
Like I said, I painted my top coat color thin enough that all I really sanded were the corners and the edges for some extra distressing.

Simple as that! A nice indoor OR outdoor planter!
I think I'm going to add some little handles on the sides also- just for some extra character.

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