Strawberry Cucumber Water

My Favorite Flavored Water!

This water drastically helped me drink MORE WATER every day!

Chop up strawberries and cucumber & toss them in your water! The longer they soak in your water- the more flavor! I started doing this when I was pregnant because I wanted to start drinking more water, and having this awesome tasting water really got me into drinking more & more water every day!

To make my life even easier,
I chopped up strawberries and cucumbers (A LOT of them) and froze them in separate baggies.  
Now whenever I want to use them to flavor my water, all I have to do is grab them and toss them in my water!

I would also recommend getting a nice glass water bottle that has the separate inner container for fruits, etc. It helps keep the chunks out of what you drink- but still allows you to get all the flavor! 

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