My Diaper Bag Must Haves!

Here's what you can ALWAYS find in my diaper bag:

1. Diapers.
I always have way more diapers than I need in my bag. Better safe than sorry right?

2. Wipes. 
I keep a large pack of wipes in my diaper bag. I never take these wipes out (I did one time, and of course I forgot to put them back in before I left...learned my lesson).

3. Diaper Rash Cream.

4. Extra Burp Cloth.

5. Extra Outfit.
Another better safe than sorry.

6. Nuks.
I have way too many nuks, and Gavin doesn't even use them. But for some reason they stay in my diaper bag- I guess in case maybe I'll need them ? ? 

7. Baby Nail Clippers.
The ones we bought came in a pack of 2, so why not toss the extra one in the diaper bag right?

8. Bulb Suction Sucker Thing.
What the heck is that thing called anyway? We got it from the hospital- and since then, it's just stayed in the diaper bag.

9. Changing Pad.
A nice comfy pad for diaper changes on the go- you never know where you'll have to change that diaper.

 Now the fun stuff- stuff for Mom :)
Lipstick (a couple of those)
Honest Company Hand Sanitizer
Nursing pads (better safe than sorry with those too)
...Oh, and a pen.

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