Gavin's 6 Months!!

Our sweet boy is already 6 months old!! Wow does the time absolutely fly!
He LOVES avocado & sweet potato.
He desperately wants to crawl, just not quite there yet.
He sits on his own, but still likes to topple over to the side (it's hard work to hold up all that weight).
He's starting to enjoy waking up earlier, around 6am (Mom & Dad don't enjoy that one as much).
He still loves bath time- I swear it's his favorite time of the day.
He loves playing with the dog, Harley.
Still no teeth! 
Wears all 12 month clothes.
Took his first trip to a water park.
Enjoyed his first Valentine's Day :)
He makes us laugh and smile more than anything else in this world!

1 comment on "Gavin's 6 Months!!"
  1. LOVE this!!! So fun taking these today!


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