New House Tour *SNEAK PEAK*

Well, if you follow the blog, then you know that we've moved into a new house!

Which is always bittersweet, because of course we're going to miss our old house, it was Aaron & I's first home together, and it's where we brought home our first baby boy!! We have SO many memories there, I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed some tears over leaving that house...

BUT... it's sweet knowing we will have SO many new, fun memories to make here in our new home! Especially come December, when we welcome little baby #2 into the mix! 

We're getting pretty settled over here in the new house, and room by room things are coming together!
I still have a lot to do... but I wanted to share some of my favorite things about our new house... so far! 

my DIY floating shelf !
Check out my DIY floating shelf tutorial HERE!

I LOVE this fireplace! It makes our living room SO cozy!

We have this big, beautiful bay window in the kitchen, right above our sink, that overlooks our backyard. One of my FAVORITE things about this new house! Can't wait to get it decorated, and showcase this special spot more!
...Last but most definitely not least...
we have a pool!! Woo Hoo!
It's a lot of work, but I grew up with a pool in our backyard, and as kids we LIVED in that thing every summer! Gavin already loves it, and when he has his floaties on this kid becomes a little fish! We've already learned that having a pool is a lot of work... and money... but we've already spent SO much time in it, it's more than worth it in our book! 

This sneak peak definitely consisted of mostly decor...
so as I finish a room, I plan to try and showcase it!

Hopefully soon...!

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