PREGNANCY - 20 weeks with baby #2

Ignore the "over 21" bracelet... we had a country music festival all weekend that we went
to, and if I wanted to be able to go where everyone else went, I needed the bracelet.
My mugs of water were super delicious all weekend though.... #joysofpregnancy.

How far along: 20 weeks.

Gender: BOY!!!!!!!!

Total pregnancy weight gain so far: 7.4 lbs

Best moment this week: Definitely finding out that we are having another BOY! We are so, so, so excited! I'm a bit nervous to be a mama of 2 little boys... my hands will be full, but I'm so ready for the challenge! Our 20 week ultrasound went really well, baby looks cute as ever, and healthy! Also, feeling more movement, and bigger movements. There's almost nothing I love more during pregnancy, than feeling that baby kicking and moving all around! LOVE IT!

Miss Anything: Being able to have a jack n coke while watching country music bands!!! It's just not the same going to a music festival (where we get free drinks!), and sipping on water all day and night. Oh well, totally worth it in the long run!! ;) ...and we go every year... so next year, I get to make up for it!

Looking forward to: Designing and decorating a BOY nursery again! 
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