PREGNANCY - 18 weeks with baby #2

This is the best belly photo I can do... I know, not impressive.
We were on vacation for the last week, and the belly picture
may have been forgotten! oops! So this will have to do...

How far along: 18 weeks

Gender: finding out at 20 weeks (eeeeeek only 2 more weeks!!!)

Best moment this week: Feeling MOVEMENT!!! ...and a lot of it! Aaron has also been able to feel some kicks too, which is always really fun to see the shock and excitement on his face when he first gets to feel some of the baby's movement! I started to feel movement, initial twitches, at right about 17 weeks...maybe a few days before. I would only feel it if I was laying down on my back. Within this past week, the movement has definitely gotten stronger, but I still really only feel it if I'm sitting or laying down. I LOVE feeling those movements, it's one of my absolute favorite parts about pregnancy!

Cravings: Banana pancakes

Looking forward to: Finding out gender in a couple weeks! I CAN NOT believe we are already almost halfway through this pregnancy. It's flying by crazy fast!!!

On a side note- and totally UNpregnancy related... 
we had a really great vacation! We stayed up in Northern Wisconsin on a lake for a week- so fun! But not very relaxing... an almost 2 year old really changes the dynamics of a so called "vacation"... ;)
It was a good, and probably much needed break from the realities of real life lately... since we are busy with work at Aaron's office, and moving into our new house really soon.. we have had such a busy last couple months!
There's something about spending time on a lake that helps you unwind...
and it was much needed!

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