PREGNANCY - 21 weeks with baby #2

How far along: 21 weeks

Gender: BOY

Sleep: Sleeping decent- my low back gets pretty sore by the end of the day, so I'm already taking advantage of the pillow between the legs while I sleep. That's a staple in both my pregnancies so far!

Best moment this week: I went to a country music festival, which was super fun, and a super needed break for Mama! ;) It was also Aaron & I's anniversary last Thursday, so we had some fun celebrating that at the festival! We've been so busy with moving into the new house, every day life is kind of just a whirlwind lately. Also this little boy has become SO active! The other night at 3:30am, I could not fall back asleep because he was moving around like a wild man!! I love it! It's such a reassuring feeling, when you feel them bopping all around in there, it's a simple sigh of relief that, yes, everything's ok in there.

Worst moment this week: I've been exhausted lately! Gavin has been more energetic than ever, I think since we've been in a new house for the past week and a half. The music festival was a great "getaway" for me (although it shouldn't even be considered a getaway, I was only gone 3 evenings for it...) but it left me SO TIRED. This past week, come about 6:30pm, this mama is already ready for bed....

Cravings: Banana pancakes. I could eat these every single morning, and if it weren't for Aaron picking on me already for how often I eat them... I totally would.

Looking forward to: Buying paint for baby boy's nursery!!!! I can't wait to start working on another baby's room! eeeeeek!
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