12 Things About The First 6 Months as a New Mom

1. In the beginning you'll be tired. Very tired. But, your energy will finally decide to come back, eventually (or maybe you just get used to being tired...???hm.).

2. Your days no longer revolve around your schedule. Your days revolve around baby's schedule.

3. Wait until your baby's morning nap to make your coffee- well, if you want to enjoy it while it's actually WARM.

4. Baby spit up and drool become nothing to you.

5. Your arms are more toned & stronger than they ever have been, because you're lugging a baby around all the time (and if you're like me, it's a 20+ lb baby!).

6. Holidays are WAY more exciting, simply just because of your baby!

7. "Sleeping in" now means sleeping until 8:00am, and that's if you're lucky.

8. You start getting emotional thinking that your baby won't be a "baby" much longer... 

9. You find yourself enjoying the new solid foods as much, if not more than your baby.

10. You realize time is going by so much faster than you expected, and you wonder if your baby was ever really that tiny, little newborn in the pictures...

11. If you're like me, you're already planning the 1st birthday party!

12. What I learned in those first 6 months as a brand spankin' new mom: 
Stop worrying so much! When you're baby's hungry, he'll eat. When he wants to sleep, he'll sleep. Having a schedule and a routine is good, but don't stress yourself out over it- allow for some flexibility. Savor every single day, and thank God for it every single night! Take some LOTS of pictures- you'll forget how much your baby has changed. Don't always be looking for the "what's next", enjoy the right now. 

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