Butternut Squash Puree - Homemade Baby Food

Gavin LOVES squash! It's one of his absolute favorite foods!
I used one medium sized butternut squash, and I got 2 1/2 ice cube trays worth of puree! It also only took a total of 20 minutes from start to finish.

Can I also just quick say that the difference in the taste & even coloration of homemade baby food vs store bought baby food is CRAZY! My husband even commented on it (and that's coming from a guy, so it's obviously quite apparent...). But if you're undecided on whether or not you want to make your own baby food, let me just say: 1: it's super easy, and 2: compare the two and then decide which you'd rather feed your baby!! Way better taste when it's homemade! Anyway......

Here ya go!

1. Peel squash. 

2. Cut squash in half and get rid of seeds.

3. Cut into small pieces and steam. 
This took about 10-15 minutes.

4. Let cool & puree. 
I saved a small glass of the water that I steamed the squash in (nutrients from the squash will seep out into the water- so it's best to use the water you steamed it in, or breast milk), and added about 2 Tbsp of it when I pureed the squash to get the desired consistency. 
As I've said in the majority of my previous homemade baby food posts, I use my Ninja blender single serving option to blend my purees (highly recommend it), but any blender or food processor will work! 

5. Freeze in ice cube trays & once frozen, store in freezer bags!


*PS... Butternut squash mixes good with apple & pumpkin

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