Spring To-Do's

If you're anything like me, you have a Spring "To-Do" list in your junk drawer that's about a mile long. I was actually tempted to go count how many things I currently have on my list, but there's no point because there's way too many, and I'm always adding to it.

BUT, the point of this post is that we have some exciting house projects coming up!! If you're interested in DIY & home improvement projects, then keep an eye on my blog for the next month! It will not should not disappoint (hopefully). 

Here are our first few Spring To-Do's:

Makeover living room.  Oh yes, entirely redoing our living room.  Including new floor, new paint, white trim, tearing out our fireplace, and redoing our entryway...eeeek!

Re-shingle roof. Eh. Not as exciting to me, but necessary (and expensive...bleh)

Repaint kitchen & dining room!

Continue painting trim & doors white!

Redo some landscaping.

*Possibly paint kitchen cabinets/cupboards white.... I desperately want to do this....but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough. We'll see. 
(if I had to put money on it, I bet I end up doing this, because I will most likely be bored some day during Gavin's nap, and that's how the majority of my projects start).

And my list goes on from there. BUT, those are the most exciting, and the first to happen!

I plan to share each one with you! ....well, minus the roof probably...because that's just not exciting. I'll also do my best to provide prices and some good "How To" posts for these projects, incase it motivates you to do some similar projects yourself! :)  

(PS...don't worry, I'm a total cheap-o, and love finding deals, so the majority of these projects are totally do-able on a low budget!)

Project #1 (living room makeover) starts April 3rd! I can't wait!!

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