Sweet Potato Puree - Homemade Baby Food

I usually use 2 sweet potatoes when I make Gavin his purees, that way I have plenty to last him quite awhile! But you can use more, or less, depending on how much you want to have on hand!

Here's What I Do:

1. Peel and wash sweet potato. 

2. Cut into small pieces and steam in boiling water until sweet potato is soft when pierced with a fork. Before I strain it, I save a small glass of the water I used to steam the sweet potato, to add while I puree it in the blender. 

3. Using my Ninja Blender I puree the sweet potato until the desired consistency 
(this is when I add the water I set aside, just enough to get  the consistency I want- you can also use breast milk. When you steam the sweet potato, some of the nutrients seep out into the water, which is why I save & use the steamed water versus new, fresh water).  

4. Once pureed, I put it into ice cube trays, and toss it in the freezer. Once frozen, I toss them all into a freezer bag for easy storage!

*Sweet potato is great mixed with apple, pear, banana, carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin, broccoli, and zucchini!
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