My Beloved Coffee Bar

Ok so one of the highlights of my day currently, is when Gavin goes down for his morning nap, and I get my morning coffee. Ahhhhhhhh. Peace, quiet, and coffee!! So nice.

So, I was pathetically excited when I finally got my "coffee bar" that I'd been desperately wanting!

I have this weird thing, where I really hate having clutter all over my kitchen counters- we don't have a TON of kitchen counter space, and the Keurig was just one more thing taking up space on my counter. I also never realized how much space our "coffee stuff" took up in our kitchen cupboard either! We had the cupboard above our Keurig set up as our "coffee cupboard". It had all of our coffee mugs, k-cups, teas...etc. We also don't have a TON of kitchen cupboards/cabinets for storage- especially since we now have had to add bibs, baby bowls, spoons, baby food...etc., to the mix! So I was in need of some clever reorganizing in my kitchen! I knew relocating all of our coffee stuff was not only going to give us more kitchen storage, but it could make for a super cute little area all on its own.

I had been keeping my eyes open for an old dresser or hutch of some sort, that I was going to transform into my little coffee bar. We totally struck out in that department. We went to all of the local Goodwills, donation centers- nothing. Nothing that would work well anyway... I wasn't looking to spend a couple hundred dollars on some old antique hutch- just to spend even more money and time on it to re-do the entire look of it! So finally, our never ending (and unsuccessful) hunt led us to this super cute local store we had never even seen before- or knew existed! And low and behold- this little, beautiful, already refinished dresser!! I couldn't say no! (it was $100...ugh. I didn't want to spend that much- but at that time we had no other options- and it was just what we had been looking for!) So, we got it!

We put the coffee bar right in our dining room. We moved all of our coffee stuff into the drawers- and we still have 3 empty drawers for whatever else we can think of to store over there! We also moved Harley's food & water onto the bottom shelf to free up a corner in our dining room! I think Harley feels special having his food on a cute little shelf too. ;) 

Moving our coffee stuff over to our coffee bar freed up an entire kitchen cupboard!! (that has now become the "kid cupboard", containing bibs, bottles, baby food, baby bowls...etc...all of that fun stuff that takes over your kitchen once you have a baby!). We also just love having the coffee in it's own little spot. It's right off the kitchen- so it's still close and convenient, but it adds some extra character & charm having it set up as it's own little "coffee bar".

I love the distressed look it has. So gorgeous! As I like to say,
"Perfectly Imperfect"!!

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