*Pear Puree* - Homemade Baby Food

What You Need:
Pear(s) (I use organic)
Blender/Food processor

1. Wash & peel pears. 

2. Cut into small pieces.

3. Add pears to small pot of boiling water, reduce heat and then simmer until pears are soft. (I used very ripe pears, so I probably only simmered them for 5 minutes, and they were ready)

4. Let pears cool slightly, then blend until desired consistency 
(I use the Ninja blender single size attachment for all of my purees. With pears, they're juicy enough that you don't need to add any water, or breast milk, it ends up decently runny all on it's own).

5. Put pear puree into an ice cube tray to freeze. Once frozen, toss into a freezer bag for easy storage!

There you go! Another delicious food choice for your sweet baby! 

*PS... pear mixes good with sweet potato, apple, carrots, blueberries, and pumpkin

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