20 Ways My Life Has Changed Since Becoming Mom

1. MY schedule... what's that? I live on GAVIN'S schedule.

2. Sleeping in now means sleeping until 8am, and that has happened ONCE that I can remember since August 21st, 2014. (Gavin's birthday)

3. I love going to bed as early as possible. If I could go to bed when Gavin does (8:00pm) I would (but my husband doesn't let me...).

4. I actually have some muscle in my arms now, thanks to having a large baby.

5. My boobs no longer belong to me, that sounds kinda weird, but it sure seems to be true.

6. I no longer blow money on clothes for myself, it's actually not even fun anymore. It's way more fun spending that money on cute baby clothes...honestly.

7. I'm used to eating cold food.

8. I'm used to eating super fast, to try and avoid having to eat cold food.

9. I really hated having cold coffee every morning, so I learned to wait and enjoy my morning coffee during nap time. 

10. I'm a pro at making my coffee and doing laundry with one arm....Gavin in the other.

11. I have accepted that a fussy baby can end my outings early (for example, your niece's 7th birthday party may end early for you when your teething 7 month old would rather cry the entire time....)

12. Eating out has become a luxury. 

13. People watch movies from start to finish uninterrupted? Say What?! We can sometimes pull that off if we wait to start it until after Gavin's down for the night- but that usually results in me falling asleep on the couch. Which means I finish the movie the following day...

14. I have become a true mom and I wipe Gavin's drool with my shirt. Although I still scrunch my nose when I see my sister-in-law wipe my nephew's nose with her sleeve....Will that be me in a year?! ...Chances are good.

15. The thought of a vacation now seems like more work, than an actual vacation. 

16. Leaving the house used to be, just leaving the house. Now it's: change Gavin's diaper, check the diaper bag, pack Gavin in his chair, load Gavin in the car, go back inside and grab whatever I forgot because I was too busy getting everything for Gavin, go back in the car, realize I still forgot the keys...and then finally, leave.

(now the sappy stuff....) 
17. I've never been more tired, more exhausted, more forgetful, or more happy in my life.

18. I've never been a violent person, but I scare myself a little bit when I think of what I'd do if someone ever hurts my baby (us Moms become mama bears, no doubt).

19. I have experienced ACTUAL LOVE at FIRST SIGHT, and it was when Gavin was laid on my chest and I laid eyes on him for the very first time. Priceless and a true miracle in every sense.

20. I have never savored time like I do now. I am so aware that kids grow up ridiculously fast, and I don't want to lose sight of that. Every day is special- even if it's just another day at home, doing the same thing, with the same baby toys. It's another day with my sweet baby, who's a little bit older every day, and I'm going to cherish every moment of it.

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